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Dilpreet Dhillon, A 20-Year-Old Student Gained 14kg Only In 7 Months For Himself

People who are thinking about gaining weight believe they can eat whatever they want and get away with it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Gaining weight is a difficult journey, even if it does not appear to be as difficult as losing weight.

If you're looking for motivation to gain weight, Dilpreet Dhillon’s journey is here for you. His transformation from a skinny 50-kilogram man to a masculine 64-kilogram man is an inspiration for anyone trying to gain weight in a healthy way.

The Reason That Motivates To Live A Healthier Life

I was always skinny and underweight throughout my life. I've always tried new things, and as a Punjabi, my food was full of desi parathas and desi ghee. Even after following such a diet, I was unable to gain weight.

Then one day I realised I needed to take care of my health. Then I found WFH, which was the start of my fitness journey, and I haven't looked back since.

What Is The Most Difficult Part About Being Unhealthy?

Everyone else in my family referred to me as skinny, which was very upsetting. Aside from that, I was unable to perform routine housework such as lifting a cylinder bottle or any heavy machine. I was a little disheartened. And my only goal was to make my body more masculine and healthy.

Starting Phase And Procedure Of Transformation Journey

We've all heard of BMI and TDEE, but few of us understand how they affect our bodies. My BMI was much lower than it should have been, which could have resulted in a slew of unspoken concerns and health issues.

The most obvious signs are a tired body and a lack of strength to carry even a small amount of weight. Aside from that, having a low BMI as a man comes with several complications. After understanding all of the consequences and details, the WFH staff gave me a meal plan and fitness routines.

Diet Followed

Even if I was trying to gain weight, I wasn't going to do it with junk food or fried foods. It's a dangerous and short-term solution. So the WFH team gave me a healthy diet plan that includes a variety of proteins and vitamins that can help my immune system development as well as healthy weight gain.

For breakfast, I had egg whites or cottage cheese with green vegetables sautéed in coconut oil. I limit my consumption of unhealthy fats to desi ghee and olive oil. Lunch consisted of white rice, potatoes, kidney beans, a bowl of curd, a bowl of daal, and a salad. I usually have a cup of black coffee and some chicken breast/egg whites for an evening snack. Dinner was mostly white rice, kidney beans, and soya chunks.

Workout Followed To Achieve The Goal

I was more drawn to strength training because I wished to have a muscular body like bodybuilders. However, the WFH team helped me understand that while strength training is important, other types of training are also necessary for overall growth and fitness.

So, following the WFH schedule, I work out five days a week, largely with weight training sessions, with cardio and Zumba on alternate days.

What Difficulties Were You Facing During The Transformation Journey?

Sometime in between the weight became steady and I had lost motivation. The WFH team guided me and assisted me in realising that with unwavering dedication, you can never truly fail. I will keep trying and striving for success.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

I'm not exaggerating, but the WFH team really helps me stay on track by inspiring me to prepare my daily meals to ensure I meet my macronutrient requirements. WFH's fun and easy fitness routines keep me focused and motivated. I'm mindful that if I don't follow my plan, I'll fall back to where I started.

What Lifestyle Changes Did You Make?

I used to sleep late and wake up early when I was in my early twenties. When I decided that I needed to improve my physique and health, I began sleeping for at least 8 hours per night. I used to enjoy fast food, but I had to give it up in order to consume only healthy fat. I've mastered the art of moderation.

Lessons Learnt From The Transformation

People used to tell me that some people gain weight effortlessly while others cannot, no matter what they try. I used to believe that, but after focusing on my health and seeing the results, I realised that nothing is impossible. You simply need to work hard every day until you achieve your goals. The most important thing to remember is that fitness isn't a quick fix. You must weave it into your daily routine.

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