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AADI- Organisation Gift Store: The Art Store Is The One-Stop Destination For Any Of Your Art Require

Just like a book lover can spend hours at a bookshop, an art lover can go berserk at an art and craft supplies store! The smell of paints, the stacks of canvases, the paper and the brushes and the nibs and the inks, there is nothing more inspiring to an artist than to visit an AADI store. And the best art stores are those that you feel a connection with. If you are an art enthusiast living in Delhi, this art store must be on your bucket list to visit, even if it is to buy just a pair of scissors.

Cozy Store For Your Art Requirements

  • A small cozy store, Art Lounge deals with a lot of imported art supplies. Apt for you in case you are a fan of international brands for your painting/drawing activities, the staff is well trained and very friendly. The categories the store caters to includes Illustrations, Creative Leisure, Fine Art and Extra Fine Art.

  • The art store is the one-stop destination for any of your art requirements. Not only will you find all that you need at this store, but you will also be able to get yourself some amazing discounts as most of the merchandise at the store is sold below the MRP.

  • The store has an extensive range of fine-art supplies, graphics, hobby, art instruction books, framing supplies and lots more to choose from.

  • Here you can buy everything related to arts and crafts! The store specializes in materials for fine art, architecture, interior, jewelry and fashion designing, stretch canvas frames, canvas boards, canvas rolls, tracing rolls, painting easel stands, display stands, drafting table and GT table, office and computer stationery, thermocol sheets, corrugated roll, bubble roll and packaging tapes.

  • From craft sets to art supplies to gifting options related to art and craft, this store can leave you buying far more than you need. Everything at the store is stocked and displayed so well that resisting the temptation to buy is simply impossible. The store is one of the leading fine art and craft suppliers in Delhi that stocks the best brands from all over the world.

Available Brands At AADI store

Here you shall find world-renowned brands like Winsor Newton, Arches, Daler Rowney, Camlin, Liquitex, Golden, Staedler, Bosny, Joycraft and many more.

What Makes It Awesome

  • Action for Ability Development & Inclusion (AADI) is an organization in Hauz Khas that aims to uplift the differently-abled and provides them with opportunities for leadership and greater involvement within the community.

  • The items sold at their store are made by people from various NGOs that are working towards a particular social cause (such as the KRITI team) that facilitates action towards human rights issues or the block-printed products made by the differently-abled members and volunteers of the AADI organization.

  • The AADI Store is a huge room full of block-printed stationery, handicrafts and knick-knacks. We found handmade diaries, bookmarks, wrapping paper rolls, lampshades, the prettiest jewelry boxes, bottle holders, paintings, mugs and more (phew!). The price range here hardly tends to go above INR 300.




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