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Happy Cold Drinks: A Classic In Old Baroda That You Must Visit

In today’s fast world, the food and beverage industry is developing at a rapid pace. Due to these developments, we get to see numerous establishments opening day in, day out. At every corner there’s a new coffee shop, juice parlor or dessert outlet. However, the downside to this is that a lot of places shut down within months of opening. High fixed costs, increasing rent and the cost of labor- all these keep accelerating, making this a ‘survival of the fittest’ situation where only the best will survive.

A Legacy

  • While cafes that are barely months old that shut down quickly, places that have been around for generations are worth appreciating. Happy Cold Drinks is one such place in Baroda. Situated in Raopura in the main market lane, right next to the iconic clock tower, this place has been functioning since 1927.

  • It is a family-run business that serves juices, shakes and ice-creams. Many of us might not know about it but it was the hub for people in our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. For a lot of millennials too, going to the old city for books and school uniforms meant a visit to Happy Cold Drinks with parents, so that they could relieve their olden days.

  • Happy Cold Drinks has maintained its quality all through the years. The place has a no-frills exterior and is ideal for family outings as well as for outstation students who want to hang out. The interiors are minimal except for an old photo of the Clock Tower from the early 1900s. Stepping into the place is like stepping back in time.

  • While everything on the menu is great, the Ganga Jamuna juice is iconic. You can choose to have it with or without ice. The ice-cream shakes are also extremely popular. The Rajbhog, Faluda and the collection of ice-creams are all worth trying out.

  • The seating is comfortable and the portions are pretty good. The prices are quite pocket-friendly so you can even bookmark this place for all those month-end hangouts!

Worth A Visit?

  • If nostalgia is your drug and if you like unearthing hidden gems, this place is one you must visit. With great prices, excellent quality and a welcoming vibe, what’s not to love here?

  • If you live in Baroda and haven’t been to this place yet, put this on your list and head to Happy Cold Drinks! Legends like this are known to be legends for good reasons!

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