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The Note Coffee, Hanoi Review: A Cafe Built With Love & Positivity From Travellers Around The World

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Cafe culture is truly at its peak in most parts of the work and picking up rapidly in other parts. With more and more people travelling, working remotely, working from cafes, cafes are paying more attention to each and every detail.

From menu and pricing to interiors and exteriors and branding, cafes now want to be at the top of their game in every aspect.

Coffee Culture In Vietnam

Vietnam is known for a lot of things- its war history, its gorgeous Halong Bay, the mountains, the Vietnamese Pho, but one of its biggest gems is its coffee. Vietnamese coffee is extremely popular and anyone going to Vietnam must surely have a coffee tasting on their list of things to do.

As a result of its immensely popular coffee culture, a lot of cafes can be found in Vietnam’s big cities. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, boasts of some fine cafes that must make it to your list. On top of that list must be The Note Coffee.

While travelers will say that most of the coffee places in Hanoi serve great coffee, The Note Coffee truly stands out.

Lovely Ambience With Travellers Notes

While it is an Instagram sensation, for those who don’t know, The Note Coffee is actually decorated with notes written by travellers from all over the world. The entire interior space is done up with notes from travellers. These are stories of love, inspiration and much more.

New travellers are given sticky paper and a pen to write down notes when they visit. The entire place is truly lit up with the notes and having coffee amidst the colourful notes is a great experience.

Experiments With Coffee

The coffee here is exceptional. Those who like playing around with coffee must opt for the matcha latte or even better, the egg coffee, which is a Vietnamese specialty. Both these coffees are delicious and the vibe of the place makes it even better.

Worth a Visit?

If you’re in Hanoi, The Note Coffee must be on your list. With such a rainbow-like ambiance full of happy, positive notes from complete strangers, this is a once in a lifetime experience, one that you will remember forever.

The beverages are great, the service is impeccable and the prices are fine too! This is a stone’s throw away from Hoan Kiem Lake, in the center of the old French Quarter. The Note Coffee is a must-visit for all travellers. This place shall be etched in your minds and hearts, forever.

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