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The One Fine - Dining Restaurant to Bookmark For Your Thai Food Cravings

Food is one of the basic necessities of people. Everyone has different likings. Those who live in Mumbai or are planning on visiting in the future, one place you must absolutely add to your list is Nara Thai, for having some amazing thai food experience.

Thai? Why?

Nara Thai is a renowned name in Thai cuisine. Originally from Bangkok, Nara opened its first restaurant in Bombay a couple of years back and completely revolutionized the Thai food scene.

Before that, Thai food was limited to a couple of curries and starters in multi-cuisine restaurants. But to have an entire place dedicated to the cuisine, that really changed the food scene in the city.

Today, Nara Thai has 2 outlets, one in Bandra Kurla Complex and one in Colaba. Nara is now a celebrity favourite and for all the right reasons!

The restaurant’s concept and branding have been done incredibly well. A lot of thought has also gone into designing the whole space and as a result, the ambiance is rich and opulent.

It is a must-visit for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or date night. Its immense popularity means that you must reserve a table but the effort is totally worth it.

The menu is elaborate which means you must visit with an empty stomach and a big appetite! The place also has a lot of options for vegetarians, in addition to the non-vegetarian options.

While the starters are great, the curries and mains are worth experimenting with. The massaman curry has vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options and it is a must-have!

The classic butterfly pea rice, which is purple in colour, goes well with the curry and looks great on your Instagram as well!

However, it is the dessert you must keep space for. Nara has a lavish dessert menu which you cannot leave without trying. The crepe cake is a clear winner- with supremely thin crepes folded into one strawberry cake, this one is a delightful ending to your meal


This one is a little heavy on the pocket but it is completely worth it. All those foodies who want to explore authentic Thai cuisine must add this to the list. Once you visit Nara Thai, you’ll fall in love with Thai cuisine and its flavours.




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