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Why Is Honor Band A Perfect Fitness Band At Most Affordable Prices?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Honor has gradually been making Fit-bit a run for its money. Honor band 5 price in India is at the absurdly low price of Rs. 2099/-, it’s not easy to imagine how Fit-bit provides some attractive watch faces and enough fitness tracking features that motivate you for a healthy lifestyle. Honor has made Honor Band 5 as one of the most affordable bands with these features. Dig in this article to find out whether this is the best affordable fitness band out there or not.

Features of Honor Band

Display and Design

  • Honor Band 5 is very lightweight and convenient, having a body made of plastic. It has a very narrow design that fits your wrist perfectly. On most days, you won’t even feel like you are wearing a fitness tracker.

  • Being small and comfortable, it is very easy to wear all day long, even to bed. It also supports sleep tracking. It comes in three strap colors- Coral Pink, Meteorite Black, and Midnight Navy.

  • It comes with 0.95 inches AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen which is quite rare to find in its segment. It comes with a 2.5D glass protection on top and has adjustable screen brightness.

  • Its dynamic and vivid display makes it a convenient option to go for by Honor. It has a home button control. The belt clip design makes the band firmly attached to your wrist.

Performance and How to Pair

  • For an android or iOS device, you will need to downoad the Huawei Health app and choose the Honor Band 5 in the list of supported devices. Then it will search and begin the pairing process.

  • It comes with 9 workout modes that include indoor cycle, outdoor run, and rower. It is also water-resistant up to 50 meters which is why it also supports activities like swimming. All the activities seem pretty accurate.

  • In swim mode, you can also set some targets like the number of laps or duration in your swim session. You can also track your heart rate, calories burnt and the distance covered in real-time. Each mode can meet your basic exercising goals.

Scientific Sleep Monitoring and Breathe Monitor

  • Huawei TruSleep allows sleep status recognition with which you can monitor your sleeping pattern and hours. This feature will monitor your sleep quality and breathing patterns. It can also diagnose 6 types of sleeping problems with personalized suggestions to help you make it better in the Health app.

  • It gives data about deep, light, REM, awake, and naps. It seems pretty accurate when you sleep and when you wake up.

  • The SpO2 Monitor tracks Oxygen saturation levels in your bloodstream, giving access to how your body is adapting to your workout routines or on high altitudes. It makes it advisable for those who are fond of mountaineering.

Battery Life

  • The Honor Band 5 has a pretty good battery life. With continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, it has solid week-long battery life.

  • If you disable these real-time tracking features, the battery can last up to 14 days, according to Honor, which is impressive for a fitness tracker that offers a colored AMOLED display.

  • It has a tiny charger in the box on which you'll need to clamp the Band 5. Within an hour it charges the fitness band from zero to 100 percent takes

Which Is Better: Honor Band 5 or 5i?

  • The honor band 5 India features a 0.95-inch rectangular touch screen, which is rather tiny. A circular HOME key, similar to the Honor Band 5i, is located at the bottom of the screen and is simple to use.

  • The Honor Band 5i, on the other hand, features a 0.96-inch oval touch screen that is significantly bigger and can display 30 characters per screen. Furthermore, despite the fact that the two smart bracelets' wristbands are made of TPU material, they are quite light and comfortable to wear.

  • However, a USB-A charging port has been removed from one end of the Honor Band 5i bracelet. This is also the Honor Band 5i's most expensive upgrade point. Changed to USB comfortable charging method, which may be extremely simple to connect in with the USB interface of the computer, plug-in board, portable battery or power adapter interface direct charging, which is also highly convenient for consumers, as it eliminates the need for a charging cable.

  • The Honor Band 5i maintains the practical SpO2 blood oxygen detecting function, as well as TrueSeen 3.5 technology, and offers round-the-clock heart rate detection in terms of health features. Furthermore, the Honor Band 5i's sleep monitoring employs the most up-to-date IR infrared technology, infrared light is invisible, so it avoids the unpleasant scenario of sleep monitoring when the bracelet's brightness interferes with sleep.

Is The Honor Band 5 Any Good?

  • If you're looking for an affordable fitness tracker, the Honor Band 5. The full-color AMOLED display makes it the best choice among all Fit bands that come under the same segment. One of the cool features in this band is its remote control camera, the sleep monitor and Oxygen intake monitor, and a long standby mode.

  • If you are looking for these features at a reasonable price, the Honor Band 5 would be an advisable purchase. Here are some of the most asked questions answered by experts to help you to make a decision.

Does Honor Band 5 Have Music Control?

Can We Answer Calls on Honor Band 5?

  • Most of the Honor Band 5 Reviews states that it’s a Great Fitness Tracker at a Very Low Price. In addition to displaying real-time information from the phone, the Honor Band 5 allows users to accept and reject incoming calls.

  • You can also use the Band as a shutter button to capture photographs and activate Find My Phone features.

Is Honor Band 5 Suitable for Kids?

  • The Honor Band 5 is a lightweight fitness bracelet that comes with a band that fits both thin and thick wrists. Because of the numerous holes in the wristband, even youngsters may wear the Band 5 firmly. Honor Band 5 has a curved 0.95-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 120240 pixels (228 PPI).

Can Honor Band 5 Work Without Phone?

  • The Honor Band 5 can also be used on its own. In fact, if you don't need the smart features, you can use the Band 5 without Bluetooth to save battery life. However, it falls short of the brand's claims of up to 14 days of battery life.

Final Verdict

  • However, if you want to get it for a much lower price, keep an eye on these websites as they frequently have sales, and the price may vary from time to time.



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