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Click Your Gratifying Moments and Make It Memorable with VSCO - Cell Phone Photo Editing App

We all love taking photographs and looking at photographs. Some of us love to play with all the creative options available in our phone apps while some of us actually give up even on the easiest ways of turning our ordinary picture into more appealing and tuneful photographs. With this post, we are talking about one such app where such features are just a few taps away. VSCO is the most widely used cellphone photo editing app. VSCO, formerly known as VSCO Cam. Here’s how you can make the best out of it.

VSCO is a free app available in Google Play and App stores. The app is popular because of it’s easy editing tools and arty presets/filters. It is not just an app but a place for expression as it allows you to create your own online gallery for a chance to be curated by VSCO.

This app does not only have a photo editor but its premium version also has a video editor.

Key Features

  • Basic & advanced photo editing tools

  • 10 free presets

  • Video editor

  • Connect with a creative community

  • Get Inspired

  • RAW files supported

  • New: Custom border colours

This mobile app which lets you edit photographs and add filters on them has picked up its fame through Instagram while it has its own page on Instagram where they feature artists from around the globe. The platform spreads the latest ideas and styles of creative photographs. It has been a pioneer of bringing a neat and minimalistic approach towards photography even on Instagram.

Installation and Setup

As VSCO is available as a free app, you can download it from an online store and install it. While installing, you will be asked to log in or create your account on VSCO. You will need to allow the app to send push notifications and to see your location. Once you are logged in, you will be asked for a paid subscription which is around 19.99$ per year. The paid subscription will let you use 200 filters. But you can start with a 7-day free trial and give access to your photo gallery, camera, contacts, and location.

Photo Editing and Creative Options

You can click pictures using its camera. This camera allows you to play with some basic functions like exposure, focus, white balance, ISO etc which it utilizes from a phone camera. You can also import pictures from the gallery and start editing.

Compared to most other photo editing apps, VSCO allows us to play with highlights and shadows. Including the colour change in both.

VSCO Community, Editing, and Verdict

  • You can share your edited work directly on other social media apps. However, if you choose to share it with VSCO, it lets you get your own URL like The profile looks more like your portfolio on the web and lets you showcase your work to the world.

  • You can connect with other creators though it has limited options of communication. Overall, the app is a fantastic option for both, the ones who only need a few basic changes in their photos with the help of its simple features and also for the ones who have no boundaries of creativity. If you’re looking forward to leveling up your photo game, you must start with VSCO.

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