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Top Best Gym Exercise You Can Do at Home

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

When most people think about working out, they picture torturous cardio and strength exercises in a gym. However, you don't need a gym membership or much equipment to work up a sweat, develop muscle, and maybe lose weight (if that's the goal). You can do all this in the privacy of your own home.

These beginners, intermediate, and advanced home exercises can be just as good as a gym workout if done properly and consistently. The key is to concentrate on strength training and resistance workouts tend to increase lean mass. One will finally integrate cardio into the routine, but first, one must master the basics. As one is more likely to stick with the program in the long run if one sees and feels the results early on.

The Best Gym Exercises to Lose Weight

This beginner's fitness schedule focuses on the big muscles that have core strength and stability. There is no need for any special equipment to do any of these exercises. One can do all of the workouts in one routine or stretch them out over the day.


  • Push-ups work the pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids, as well as the rest of the deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, and the midsection as a whole, by lifting and lowering the body with the knees.

  • When doing a push-up, a perfect form is important. Begin with a variation that one can complete with proper forms, such as lowering the knees to the ground.

  • If one can perform 10 to 12 reps without falling, stopping short, or trembling uncontrolled, they can go on to the next stage.


  • A lunge is a single-leg bodyweight exercise that targets the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, heart, and inner thighs' hard-to-reach muscles. Lunges are a great way to build lower-body strength and stamina.

  • Lunges strengthen and tone the entire body, especially your core, buttocks, and legs. The biggest advantage of shaping up your body is that you can enhance your posture and range of motion, in addition to your appearance.

  • Start with a series of quick back lunges to strengthen the glute muscles and thighs. If one needs to balance, use a wall or a chair. Try the front lunge or another version until they can do 10 to 12 lunges on either leg without help.


  • A squat is a strength exercise in which the movement is to lower their hips from a standing posture before rising. The hip and knee joints contract when the ankle joint dorsiflexion during the collapse of a squat; while standing up, the hip and knee joints stretch while the ankle joint plantarflexes.

  • Squats work leg strength muscle and focus on toning the lower body. They'll help you boost your balance by strengthening your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps, as well as other muscles. It's probably the most effective and the best gym exercise to lose weight.

  • The squat helps form strong buttocks and thighs by working the main muscles in your lower body. Squat with your feet hip-distance apart at all times. As if you were seated in a chair, your hips could fall behind it.

4. Triceps Dips

  • Using a stable chair and putting the hands on the seat next to the hips for tricep dips. To raise the body, press into both hands and roll forward just far enough that the buttocks clear the chair's edge.

  • While the triceps are the primary focus of this bodyweight workout, it also works the chest and anterior deltoid, or the front section of the shoulder. It is the best gym exercise and it can be done at home with the help of a simple chair.

  • Lower yourself to a spot where the elbows are bent between 45 and 90 degrees, then slowly and steadily lift upward back up to the starting position.

5.Air Swimming

  • Because of how it activates the postural muscles, this is one of the go-to home routines. In other words, it's great for targeting the posterior chain (or backside of the body), which is vital for improving posture, avoiding back pain, and ensuring you have balanced strength—all of which are important for physical fitness, both in and out of the gym. If done correctly this one might be the best gym exercise to lose belly fat.

  • Inhale for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, and repeat for a total of 16 seconds. Perform three sets, pausing for up to one minute in each.

The Best Gym Exercises for Chest to Try

Every man desires to have a muscular chest, but in order to build it, one doesn't have to spend hours benching in the gym. It is possible to build an impressive pair of packs at home if a person knows how and we are here to teach you.

At-home bodyweight chest workout has been divided into three parts. The first phase will help in boosting endurance, while the second one will enhance strength. And lastly, the final stage will add explosiveness and speed so that one can pack on more size.

Wide Press-up

  • One can perform a standard press-up, but with your hands placed a little wider than shoulder-width apart.

  • It can increase muscle strength and endurance in a person’s chest (pectoralis), shoulders (anterior deltoid) as well as upper arms.

One-arm Press-up

  • For this exercise, get into a push-up position with one hand on the surface with feet spreading wide apart.

  • Tense the entire body and hold your other hand tight against your lower back.

  • Lower your body gradually until your chest nearly touches, then get back to the starting position.

  • The one-arm push-up is a challenging exercise but it will make one strong and give more control over the spine and the rest of the body.

  • Arms, chest, and shoulders are the main muscles involved in pressing exercises. It also targets Core Muscles and Strengthens Hip Muscles

Spiderman Press-up

  • Get into a standard press-up position. Lower yourself towards the floor and bring your right knee to your right elbow, don't let your body touch the ground.

  • Press back up and return to the starting position. Redo with the alternate leg.

  • It will not only engage your ab muscles but also strengthens your entire core of both the front and the back. It also targets obliques, triceps, shoulders, and glutes.

The Final Word

  • Work out two or three days a week to build a healthy fitness routine. Be mindful that when you gain muscle mass, your weight can drop at first, but then rise slowly.

  • By this point, your accomplishment can be reflected not just in pounds and inches, but also in how you look and feel.

  • Simply increase the strength and/or length of your exercise if you hit a plateau. As a result of the challenge, the body will answer in kind, helping you in gaining more strength and confidence.




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