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The Reason Why Indian Cricket Team Wears A Blue Jersey

  • Team India has worn the blue jersey since the launch of coloured clothing in ODI cricket. Have we as fans and Indians ever questioned why this is the case, despite the fact that it has become a familiar sight?

  • The explanation for this can be found in the national flag. Saffron, white, and green are our primary colours. However, saffron was dismissed because it could be associated with political groups, white would not make a visual effect in the center, and green was being used by our neighboring country's team Pakistan.

  • However, there is a fourth colour, blue, which is the Ashok Chakra and is ideal for clothes. The man in charge has no reservations in selecting the colour for India's jersey. The colour hue has varied over time depending on the sponsor, tournament, and even year, but blue has remained a constant.

  • They were all our own Men In Blue, whether they won the 1985 World Championship in Cricket and the 2011 World Cup. Wearing a blue jersey was also the source of this expression.

  • The colour blue became so common among Indian fans that they started the trend with "bleed blue." As India's cricketing prowess grew, the word "Men in Blue" became a symbol of the country's national power to rely on its knights on the pitch.

Blue Signifies a Dressed Like champions

  • Who can forget the unforgettable 2011 Cricket World Cup in Mumbai, when India finally won the prestigious title after 28 years. The jersey worn by the Men in Blue during their title-winning campaign will also be remembered by Indian cricket fans.

  • Team India, led by MS Dhoni, wore a colour of blue that would last the rest of the decade. On their championship-winning shirt, the team wore a richer shade of blue with saffron fonts for numbers and player names.

Oppo was the Big Sponsor For Indian Sports Team

  • Oppo has been involved in the sports sponsorship business this year and lately, and it has reached partnerships with the Wimbledon and French Open tennis Grand Slams, as well as the Cricket World Cup.

  • Oppo and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) signed a five-year contract in 2017 to get their logo on the Indian team's playing shirts until 2022. However, the firm seems to be able to offload the inventory until the third year of the lease expires in 2020.

  • The BCCI revealed that Indian cricketers would begin wearing a new brand name on their official jerseys in September, with Chinese smartphone maker Oppo selling the sponsorship rights to interesting teaching company BYJU's. The BCCI said in a statement that “BYJU'S will be taking over all responsibilities of the new team sponsor OPPO mobiles India private limited.”

  • The BCCI-Oppo contract, which was signed in 2017 for a five-year term, was said to be worth Rs 1079 crore. From the start of the upcoming home season, Virat Kohli and his teammates will wear the jersey with the new brand name, starting with a series against South Africa on September 15.

  • So that's why oppo stepped away from the Indian sponsor business for a while and why our Indian teams always wear blue jerseys.




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