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The Khadi Cult - Environment-Friendly Material With Quirk

It was back in 1918 when our beloved Bapu spread his love for Khadi to the entire nation, everyone learned to value Khadi and now slowly, as the world is evolving, the millennials these days are unaware about this fabric. People don’t pay attention to the fabric and end up buying materials like rayon, lycra & polyester in the name of trendy clothes. Without having a second thought about their impact on the environment, we still choose to shop blindly.

  • However, after all these years, Ms. Priyanshi Jariwala has brought the Khadi culture back with a twist that makes it cherishable even by youngsters. With The Khadi Cult -in Surat Khadi is no longer a boring brown fabric but it’s become the most colorful trend.

Environment-Friendly Material With Quirk

  • Khadi is an environment-friendly and zero-carbon fabric. When we think of the word Khadi, we always imagine a boring Kurti or dress. But The Cult has brought a new way to style up your wardrobe with environmentally friendly designs for both male and female.

  • Her work speaks the traditions in a quirky way as she brings basic wrap around dresses to palazzo pants, skirts to dresses. Everything comes in quirky graphic prints.

  • The brand makes its clients understand the sentimental value of what they are adorning and the empowerment process they are being a part of by purchasing their products.

  • The brand cherishes everything about the city’s heritage. From busy sheries (streets) to Gujarati gossips in the streets, the vibe from these streets shines in the colours of their fabric.

  • The gorgeous bougainvillea inspired khadi blouse to the prints inspired by Dravidian Gond art which we usually see on the streets of central India, the art and prints on The Khadi Cult’s collection is inspired by anything and everything cute from the Indian culture.

  • Some of their best sellers include the camera print shirts, 4/320 jackets and dresses and shirt dresses with prints ranging from Chaai kettle, vintage cameras, popsicles, van, mojito, popcorn and cotton candy! Such a wonderful combination with Khadi!


  • In this generation where we don’t have time to get out of our phone screens and work pads, we are oblivious to many possible ways by which we can play our little role in saving the environment without any effort. In fact, this little role we can play by choosing some pretty designer wear at affordable prices.

  • This local brand from Surat also comes in completely zero-waste packaging and has attracted quite many fashionistas to flaunt their Khadi apparel. It’s time for you to be part of this change and do your bit for Khadi.

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