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The Halal Guys - American Halal Food Restaurant in New York City

If you are in New York and you don’t eat at The Halal Guys, you are surely missing out on a lot! Yes, the food that isn’t purely American, yet The Halal Guys are next to the staple food of NY. Besides the hot dogs and pretzels which you find in every corner and street of New York, you will also see Halal Carts which are now popular due to the pioneers of Halal food in NY which is The Halal Guys.

  • Food Truck/ Street Food

  • The Middle East/ Moroccan

  • Nonveg and Veg

  • Location: New York City, USA

They opened up as a Hot Dog Cart on West 53rd & 6th Avenue, New York city in 1990. After realizing a rising demand for halal food by the Muslim cab drivers, the inception of famous chicken and gyro over rice platter happened.

Let’s not forget about the famous white and red sauces!

Despite being Lebanese cuisine, The Halal Guys have always had queues at their carts. From young to old, native Americans to tourists, everyone was fond of their gyro and chicken. Be it 80-degree afternoon or freezing cold winter night, tourists made sure to try their fragrant foil-wrapped gyro platter and sandwiches whenever they visited New York.

  • Muhammed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed are the founders of The Halal Guys street food cart, hence known as The three original “The Halal Guys”. All being Immigrants from Egypt.

  • After their famous halal rice platters and gyro sandwiches, word of mouth allowed them to reach out to many and it became the most popular location for locals and tourists. It became one of the most successful entrepreneur stories by immigrants.

  • The Halal Guys is #3 most reviewed eateries on Yelp throughout the United States. Today, they have many Halal carts on almost every corner of the city and have opened up restaurants in many cities of US & other countries like Canada, Indonesia and South Korea.

Menu And Food

  • Their menu is divided into two parts. Rice and Sandwiches. They also have Combos and Falafel as an option for vegetarians. The best part! You get a plate full of rice, salad and meat of your choice for just 8$ to 10$.

  • It’s popular for the tender beef gyro or chicken over Rice or in sandwiches as well as falafel. They also have interesting combos which range around 20-25$ for two.

  • Popular for their amazing flavors infused in their tender meat, foodies also die for their white and hot sauce which they squeeze in sandwiches and rice platters.

Gyro/Chicken Rice Platter

  • This platter comes in 2/4th part of gyro, spicy lamb or chicken which is roasted, sliced and placed over the platter. Served with 1/4th rice,1/4th part of vegetable salad and pita bread.

  • Though salads and toppings can be picked by us, they have plenty of options like cucumber, olives, lettuce, pickle etc. They provide their signature sauce in a pouch for each white and hot sauce to be added by us over the platter.

Falafel and Spicy Hummus

  • If you are vegetarian, these guys will get you a veg version with falafel instead of chicken and gyro. They also serve spicy hummus, baba ganoush and fries.

  • Each of these is scrumptious in taste as the founders have origins in Egypt, the taste and flavors are brought authentically.


  • The only dessert they serve is Baklawa and truthfully it is something you wouldn’t want to miss due to its crisp and sweet texture. And why wouldn’t someone want to complete the Lebanese meal with Lebanese dessert?

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