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The Best Side of Starbucks Coffee

Amidst the busy streets of New York, as you walk towards the Statue of Liberty for a fairy ride there are no other coffee shops than Starbucks Reserve which would get your attention as you google. But what’s new and why does it have a logo that is not even close to the regular Starbucks’ logo! What’s so different about their coffee is that they are never out of long queues no matter what time of the day you go! And yet, you will go there.

What’s Starbucks Reserve?

  • Starbucks Reserve is a new cafe format that’s dedicated to its premium Reserve brand opened by the largest brand: Starbucks.

  • Reserve has a collection of exclusive roasts and blends and serves plenty of exclusive drinks on their menu. The place is bound to have highly trained baristas who know and care about the coffee that they serve.

  • Apart from semi-automatic espresso machines, they also have their own portafilters. Currently, they are only in five cities including Seattle, Shanghai, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

  • While another branch is emerging in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The place is bound to celebrate the company’s heritage in roasting and craft of coffee.

Bringing The Customers Closer To The Craft Of Coffee Brewing

  • With gigantic structures of coffee beans being prepared and roasted in machines, the place also is a massive architectural example if you look at its interior. The design has interactive elements that allow customers to see their roasting and brewing processes, allowing them to understand the process of coffee making even more.

  • Their menu offers some Flight and Experiences for cold brew, Coffee brew comparison, Chemex for two, etc. They essentially use brew Pour over, Siphon, Cafe press, Chemex which is very rarely found in regular coffee shops.

  • Talking to these trained baristas also gives you an insight into how wonderful the process of making coffee is. They are friendly, young, and passionate about coffee brewing. If you are a fan of specialty coffee, you must not miss this spot if you visit any of the cities mentioned above.

Cold Brew

  • After personally trying cold brew at Starbucks store in Connecticut and India, I realized a huge difference when I tried it New York’s Starbucks Reserve. As the brand claims, their beans are handpicked and roasted exclusively under their name.

  • The baristas being highly trained, the correct methods are being followed consciously and hence, the coffee instead of having its stagnant flavor, had interestingly brewed its fruity flavor's of beans picked by me.

  • Also, sharing a little tip if you are trying to locate this cafe. It’s easily found in a Google map but not that easy if you visit personally as it is situated on the first floor of a glass building that doesn’t say its name.

  • My tip for you is, unlike me who walked from the same building thrice and yet could not locate the cafe, you make sure to walk in that building without hesitation and you will spot this cafe.

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