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Shweta Shah Bhavsar's Weight Loss Journey

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

She began weight training to work with her body, not against it

Shweta Shah Bhavsar has accomplished the unthinkable, and it will definitely blow your mind. Even to imagine it to do so sounds like a dream. When she slowed down due to bad knee pains, she realised it was time to lose weight and get in better shape.

By word of mouth, Shweta got to know about the amazing WFH - WELLNESS | FITNESS | HEALTH It's an app which makes you focus on your diet & workout, basically it transforms you into a healthy habit building lifestyle - at the same time, it is VFM.

In her words “I had no reason not to start my fitness journey and be the best avatar of myself”. Shweta lost a massive 10 kilos in just four months, improved her eating habits, and is now more energetic than ever. Keep reading to know more about her story.

The reason that Motivates weight loss

I was motivated to lose weight for two main reasons. To begin with, I had some health issues, including severe knee and joint pain. My doctor advised me to lose weight because any extra kilos would only add to the pressure on my knees.

Second, I've always been a fashionista who enjoys dressing up in both Indian and Western outfits. I became unhappy with the way I looked in the mirror as my weight increased. This motivated me to begin my weight-loss journey so that I can feel more confident in whatever I wear.

What is the most difficult part about being overweight?

I had excruciating knee pain due to my weight and was advised by the doctor to lose weight. My BMI was very high which can result in many cardiovascular diseases.

A high BMI is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain cancers. This made me concerned about my physical and mental health in the future. And then I decided to lose weight.

Body mass index (BMI) is a method that calculates body fat based on height, weight, and age. It calculates and informs you about your ideal weight and how much excess fat you have.

Diet followed

Since getting in shape was the goal, I was referred by a friend about WFH - WELLNESS | FITNESS | HEALTH is an app that makes it convenient for me to adjust my meals while travelling and attending any events or visiting a restaurant with proper guidance from a nutritionist. Nutrient-rich, delicious meal plans built by the WFH dietitian helped to get the most effective results.

The app calculates your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) where you tell an estimate of how many calories you burn per day, taking into account physical activity. And it calculates how much you should have burned to reach your target weight. Based on all those calculations it recommends your calorie intake.

It makes it a little calorie deficient meal so your body can easily burn that extra fat. It recommends eating well-balanced meals that include protein as well as fibre from all of the veggies. Throughout the process, I got my protein from soya, curd, and other vegetarian sources. For breakfast, I used to have a bowl of oats and dry fruits. For lunch, I eat paneer and vegetable sabzi with 1 paratha without ghee with salad and curd. And at dinner, I mostly keep it light with a bowl of vegetable soups and salads.

Only by combining the right workout with healthy eating and practising portion control can you lose weight. White rice, bread, and refined sugar were quantified as per macros set according to my TDEE. Also, whole grain helped in weight loss acceleration and long-term maintenance. We've heard a lot about this, and it's true. To stay hydrated, I drank a lot of water and kept a close eye on my calorie intake. Throughout the journey, I was able to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Macros and quantified diet

WFH coaches & dietitians made it so easy for me to measure my food at home & even when I was on go. Ingredients measuring spoon comes as a goodie after registering with WFH. There is no single food that contains all of the calories and nutrients that the body requires to stay healthy. That’s why the app recommends a well-balanced diet that includes macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as well as micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Workout Followed to achieve the goal

I worked out in a variety of ways, including cardio and aerobics. Manage to do cardio and weight training on alternate days. In situations where I couldn't visit the gym, the WFH team changed it to bodyweight workout exercises to accomplish my goal which I can do at home.

The app has built-in features that recommend workouts based on your goals. It has a daily schedule of the types of exercises you must do as well as live video guidance from professional trainers. Who ensures that you are performing the exercises correctly and motivates you to complete your sets. They recommend various types of exercise, ranging from cardio to strength training, based on your body type and what your body can do.

What difficulties were you facing during the transformation journey?

As a foodie, it was difficult for me to give up junk food in pursuit of healthier options. I had some difficulty overcoming my food craving, but your body gets used to it and it eventually stops.

How do you stay motivated?

As I've always been a fashionista and was unhappy with the figure, I visualize myself with a stunning look and it always motivates me. I do visit online garment stores, I follow designer and modern outfit pages on social media which also keeps me motivated.

WFH coaches made sure, as well as kept motivating me to follow my workout training & diet schedule with ease of explanation.

What lifestyle changes did you make?

Nothing much, I only started time-restricted eating and developed an all-consuming obsession with my weight.

What did you give up for your transformation success?

I gave up all junk food and started following a scientifically backed nutrition meal plan customised by the WFH team. I changed my lazy schedules and made myself conscious of being active.

How do you stay focused?

I saw the results which made me confident and worked as a reason to stick to my goals. Weight loss has made me more vibrant and high on energy. This newfound success always keeps me prepped to put more effort and hard work. I stay connected with the WFH app to achieve my daily workout target and focus on being a better version of myself.

Lessons learnt from the transformation

If you decide to reach your goal of fitness and a healthy way of life, there will be no turning back. I'm delighted to say that after taking WFH APP’s unique subscription that includes gym membership as well for balancing nutrition & strength training both. What I eat has also helped me to live a healthier and happier life.

I am thankful to WFH - WELLNESS FITNESS HEALTH for making my fitness journey successful. WFH’s yearly subscription didn’t hit me hard on my pocket and made it easy for me to start my fitness journey. Once I enrolled in my macros, quantified diet, and workout session - It's a technique that coaches took care of.

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