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Shirin achieved her long time goal to be healthy by losing 20kgs

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Shirin began a strict weight-loss regimen in January. It has now simply become her way of life. Shirin's body weight was 86 kg when she checked it on January 3 of this year. And today, after over a few months with WFH, she weighs only 66 kg.

Shirin, a 27-year-old working lady from Vadodara, is like most of us, with a history of failed attempts at weight-loss struggles in the past. This time, though, things were different; something spurred her to stick to her workout regimen. "She was quite strict about the weight loss goal this time. And her discipline helped her in achieving what appeared to be an unachievable goal.

The reason that Motivates weight loss

I was organising my closet a few months ago when I discovered that I no longer fit into some old clothes of mine that fit perfectly earlier. Then I realised how much weight I had gained over time. Then I did some research on the effects of excess fat on health, which helped me to understand how my health condition could affect my efficiency and productivity. And that's exactly what was bothering me. 'I didn't want my health to get in the way of my life.

What is the most difficult part about being unhealthy?

Not being able to wear my favourite outfits wasn't the finest feeling in the world. Not only did the weight gain have an impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing, but it also had a physical effect on me. Initially, I was exhausted by daily chores with many 0 Calorie diets, which had an impact on my work and daily life. So I decided to go for a more healthy and long-term way of losing weight and found WFH.

Starting Phase and procedure of transformation journey

To lose weight, the first two things you must calculate are your BMI and TDEE. BMI estimates how much extra fat you have, whereas TDEE measures how much energy you require to do your daily work. With all of this calculation, the WFH team created a workout and meal plan for me that was low in calories. So I could get rid of that stubborn fat.

Diet followed

The entire diet chart was already set up in the app based on my goals; all I had to do is follow. WFH Dietician provided me with a complete meal plan. I used to begin my day with a glass of warm lemon water.

Breakfast consisted of roasted fox nuts (makhanas), almonds, and a cup of tea (made without sugar) or a bowl of oats. My lunches were usually simple, consisting of a large bowl of Veggies and some protein. My dinner used to consist of three chapatis, green vegetables, a bowl of daal with salad, and raita/buttermilk.

Workout Followed

I began my workout journey with low-impact cardio and gradually increased it with Zumba, CrossFit, and weight training as my endurance grew. Slowly and steadily, I began working out for two hours every day. In the evenings, I also play badminton for 45 minutes with my society friends. In all of these months, I've worked out more than 5 days a week and walked over 200000 steps; all of this data is synced with my fitness watch! It feels fantastic.

How did you stay Motivated during the journey?

Anyone's fitness journey can be difficult, but when you have genuine motivation and goal, it will never be difficult. Similarly, seeing that I could fit into my old clothes and that my new jeans were getting a little loose from my waist and thighs kept me motivated. Also, the WFH team and their 24*365 support systems are full of helpful people who keep you motivated at all times.

What are the lifestyle changes you made?

The major change I had in my life is to start working out. Before this, I occasionally did any exercise or maintained any workout routines. But now with WFH, I have proper workout routines, I work at least 5 days a week. And with their awesome Zumba videos and classy Bollywood playlist, I also started enjoying my workouts. When I look back, I can't believe how far I've come, and I never imagined the day when I'd be able to say that I enjoy working out And it’s all thanks to WFH.

What did you give up for your transformation success?

When you're on a fitness journey, the first thing you have to give up is your eating habits. If you want to lose weight, you must avoid sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. Instead, I began eating more fruits with a low glycemic index. I've also changed my sleep patterns and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Lessons learnt from the transformation

Home workouts do not require any special equipment or skills. All you need is a floor, your body, and the willpower not to give up! Be determined, and you will undoubtedly see results. Nothing is out of the question. If I can do it, anyone can!!

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