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Shefali Patel lost 11 kgs for her health

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Losing weight is a difficult task. It's difficult, complicated, and mostly confusing. There are so many articles and so many waste YouTube diets claiming to lose more than 10kg in a single day. So, before you make any changes to your diet and follow these ridiculous diets, which will have a huge impact on your health, there are few things you should be aware of regarding the complexities of weight and weight loss. So we'd like to share the story of a 28-year-old young lady who began her fitness journey with WFH and lost more than 6kg in just one month, by keeping her health in mind.

The reason that Motivates weight loss

After starting body complications due to being overweight, I was motivated to lose weight. I wanted to cut off weight not for the sake of looking good, but for personal wellness and improving my health.

I was always nagging in the back of my mind about being unhealthy and gaining weight. While I occasionally began to exercise by watching YouTube videos, I was unable to maintain my diet until I realised that I needed to change. Before that, I didn't give much thought to my diet or overall health. And now is the only time I can devote my full attention to my health and body. I started watching more educational and informative videos on how to lose weight.

And while looking for those, I discovered WFH. I read about the WFH program's features as well as how many people have benefited from it. Their subscription fees were also very low, so I signed up.

What is the most difficult part about being overweight?

I was always a chubby girl who wished she could lose some weight. But, despite my best efforts, I was never able to do so. I was not able to bend my knees and faced many difficulties. It's heartbreaking when people come to you and start giving health advice while you're working out. I never saw any results from any workout.

Starting Phase and procedure of transformation journey

Every fitness journey begins with a knowledge of how your body is and what type. In this way, a plan may be developed to achieve the desired goal. You need to measure your BMI and TDEE to get to know your body. All sounds difficult, doesn't it? WFH comprises all of its functions and tools. You only have to provide some basic information about yourself and it will provide you with all the information that applies to your goal. From calorie intakes to fat-burning training, everything is explained.

Diet followed

My meals were planned to be calorie deficient because my goal was to lose extra fat and weight. I had some food allergies, but when I told the WFH dietician and nutritionist about them, they planned every meal around my preferences and needs.

My diet was always a mixed bag, but one thing was certain: every time I ate, half of my plate was vegetables, a quarter of my plate was protein, and the other quarter of my plate was whole grains. WFH dietician provided me with meal planning that included nutrient-dense food and fibre-rich whole grains to keep me fuller for longer.

Macros and quantified diet

The daily intake of calorie and food measurement is a very common practice for any weight loss diet. The great thing about WFH is to receive ingredients that measure spoons for a gift when you register. You only have to measure the items mentioned per the directions and the spoon numbers provided, and you don't have to bother about calculating calories for every food.

Workout Followed to achieve the goal

With my hectic schedule, walking into a gym and working out was out of the question. So I started a home exercise from WFH, which I was already comfortable with. I increased my regular exercise from 30 minutes to 2 or 1 and 1/2 hours. I made it a point to exercise at least five days a week. And it wasn't too difficult to maintain because working out with WFH live video is a lot of fun and easy ways to workout at home.

Their Zumba exercise is fantastic, with endless Bollywood music and simple steps. The WFH trainers support and inspire you to complete your workout in a fun and efficient manner, and all of the exercises were explained clearly.

What difficulties were you facing during the transformation journey?

There was a time when I went on a small vacation with my family and wasn't sure if I'd be able to stick to my diet. However, at the time, WFH 24*365 support helped me and planned the diet in such a manner that I could enjoy the holiday and try new foods without compromising my progress.

How do you stay motivated?

Weak moments are very common when you are on your fitness journey and making so many changes in your life. I recall reading many inspiring stories about people who achieved their goals, which inspired me to keep going. In addition, a very optimistic team of WFH coaches and trainers kept reminding me that "you have to push through and keep putting in the effort for your plan to work." Which helped me a lot. I was quite determined and the results also kept me motivated.

What lifestyle changes did you make?

I used to be a foodie, and street food and fried foods were always my favourites; I still remember eating panipuri daily. Now that I've changed my eating habits, now I opt for fresh fruits rather than any samosa.

What Did You Give Up for Your Transformation Success?

I gave up on unhealthy food. I stopped having junk food and street food. I quit craving sugar. I stopped clumsily eating and began eating good foods.

Lessons learnt from the transformation

Weight loss is more than just going to the gym five days a week or starving yourself to burn off those extra calories. It’s all about changing your whole lifestyle. It's about taking those baby steps toward your goal every day, every time. You need to love your body and you should know what a healthy body needs.

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