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Pizza Hut - Surat: One Stop Spot For Pizza Lovers

Ever wondered why 97% of people around the globe can not say no to Pizza? One such place is Pizza hut. The American restaurant chain which has been successfully established internationally in almost all countries and is still an answer to every Pizza Lover’s spot search.

  • Pure Veg

  • Pizza, Pasta, Drinks and desserts

  • Open from 11 am to 12 pm

  • Indoor seating

  • Pocket friendly

Surat has three branches to pick from and despite all of them being at convenient spots, the one situated at International Business Hub remains our most favorite. It’s large and has quirky interiors which makes it a cute spot for all foodies.

Ever wondered why? With growing years, the place has come up with new ways to bring the same quality of flavors in different ways. Yet their signature Margarita and Veggie delight remains everyone’s favorite. The cheesy garlic bread now also comes as Garlic Bread Stix which are freshly baked and buttery just for Rs 99/-. This deal is a millennial’s favorite treat!

Food & Menu

  • The menu at Pizza hut has always been well encrypted with appetizers, desserts and pizzas of different kinds. Tandoori Pockets and Jalapeno poppers are new editions. My most favorite from their menu is ‘Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza’, the one that includes cheese stuffed inside the crust of the pizza. When it comes to Pasta, the place has a variety of them to add on some midcourse to your meal.

Arrabiata And Creamy Mushroom Pasta

  • Baked pasta at Pizza hut was a treat needed with pizza. It was creamy and cheesy. The cheese on the top was baked so well, giving little burnt flavors.

Unlimited Pizza & Other Meals

  • The place has meals for two, four as well as King Size Meal for people more than two, four as well as six. These meals include all, from appetizers, pizza to soft drinks and Stuffed Crust pizza can be included in these.

The Unlimited Pizza Friday at 249/- Rs Only, on Selected Outlet

  • However, they also have The Unlimited Pizza Friday which allows you to eat unlimited Pan pizzas in two varieties. Veggie Feast and Country Feast Pizza served with a soft drink (can be Pepsi or Fanta).

  • Veggie Feast being loaded with vegetables and had a tinge of spice in every bite. The Country Feast was loaded with mushroom and Corn.

  • Absolutely, loved the flavors absorbed in cheese as they were baked together. Having the crust soft from the center and crispy from the bottom is exactly how to pan pizzas should taste like and how Pizza Hut makes it. The freshness in both pizzas was commendable. If you are a lover of Pan Pizzas, you must not miss this unlimited meal and not miss a chance on binge eating unlimited pan pizzas by Pizza Hut.

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