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Niyati Jain lost 21kgs - Expresses her gratitude to the team of WFH for their support

While 21-year-old student Niyati Jain was always aware that she needed to get rid of all the extra kilos and get back in shape, it was the COVID-19 outbreak that finally pushed her to get out of her comfort zone. She decided to put all his energy into making healthy lifestyle choices, including completely revamping her dietary habits. Just after Joining the WFH program, she started working out six days a week. In just one month, Shel dropped from 90 to 80 kg. After 3 months, she lost more than 20kg. Her weight loss journey is a huge inspiration for anyone looking to lose weight and get fit!

The reason that Motivates weight loss

When you are overweight, life, in general, is not very easy. Owing to all the extra kilos, I used to feel extremely lethargic and bloated all the time. While I did understand that I needed to lose weight and get back in shape, it was the COVID scenario that finally changed my perspective about the importance of health. I realised that health is indeed wealth and if you are healthy, you can do almost anything in life.

Going to the gym was nearly impossible at the time. So I started looking for more home workout routines, but none of them worked for me because I did shed a lot of sweat in workouts but couldn't control my diet. At the time, one of my classmates recommended an all-in-one WFH fitness app that included a dietician, a professional coach, and a personal trainer, all for a very affordable rate.

What is the most difficult part about being unhealthy?

I used to be bloated and lethargic all of the time when I was overweight. It wasn't exactly the best feeling in the world not to be able to wear my favourite clothes. In addition, I was teased throughout my high school and college years because of my appearance, which was extremely difficult to deal with.

I discovered a weight loss app called WFH - WELLNESS | FITNESS | HEALTH that specialised in dramatic body transformations through some Google research. I eventually signed up for the programme because of the low cost and the promising features.

Starting Phase and procedure of transformation journey

The app includes features such as a BMI calculator and a TDEE calculator. To lose weight, the amount of energy you consume from food must be less than the amount of energy you expend; in other words, eat less and exercise more. It also calculates how many calories you should have consumed to get to work and lose that extra fat to reach your goal.

Diet followed

The dietitians of WFH set your diet chart in the app based on your BMI, TDEE and your goals; all you have to do is follow. WFH Dietician provided me with a complete meal plan that included cutting down on carbs and eating more protein and fibre-rich foods.

I had half boiled moong sprouts with a dash of lemon and finely chopped onion, tomato, and cucumber for breakfast. It's seasoned with oregano. My lunch consisted of two chapatis consisting of oats/ragi or wheat bran, vegetables, and 400 grammes of full cream milk curd. My dinner was light and simple, consisting of dalia or oats with milk.

The best part about WFH is that after you register, you will receive ingredients measuring spoons as a gift. All you have to do is measure out the listed ingredients using the instructions and spoon numbers mentioned. As a result, it was easy to track each calorie and help to reach your target faster.

Workout Followed

You have all of the workouts planned and detailed assigned to you in WFH, as well as bonus education information about how a given exercise works on which part of the body, making those workouts enjoyable. On alternate days I used to do cardio and weight training. Zumba and CrossFit were the majority of my workouts. Compared to other typical aerobic routines like jogging and skipping, Zumba was my favourite because it’s such a fun and effective exercise. It was very easy with their live video features.

How did you stay Motivated during the journey?

I weigh myself every morning without fail to keep daily track of my weight and stay motivated. A milligram of change used to make me so happy and fulfilled. And I believe that once you see the results, you will be motivated to do it more often.

What are the lifestyle changes you made?

I made significant lifestyle changes, such as shifting my diet away from unhealthy junk food and toward healthy, wholesome foods. I started working out almost every day. And I spent my time being fit and healthy in all the positive ways possible. Learning new things and watching motivational videos used to boost my confidence.

What did you give up for your transformation success?

Because I was a foodie with little physical activity, I gave up those lazy days to not only make my body physically more active and healthy but also to strengthen it mentally. I stopped eating haphazardly and started eating foods that are good for not only my taste buds but also my body.

Lessons learnt from the transformation

I've realised that the only wealth you need in life is your health. Everything else will naturally fall into place once you are healthy.

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