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Losing more than 10 KG in less than two months sounds impossible

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Mitik Patel

Yet Mitik Patel achieved the toughest, read more to know-how

  • At the age of 22, a young boy from Vadodara was like most of us; his unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk food with no fixed schedule cost him a few kgs.

  • He weighed 89 kg at the start of his fitness journey and had no major health issues, but he was always self-conscious about his appearance.

  • The constant body shaming and lack of confidence made him realize that he needed to change. He came across WFH - WELLNESS | FITNESS | HEALTH, It's an app that makes you focus on your diet & workout, basically, it transforms you into a healthy habit building lifestyle.

  • Just after Joining the WFH program, he started working out six days a week. In less than two months, Mitik dropped his weight from 81 kgs to 69. We love to bring you stories of real men who change their bodies—and their lives. Our hope is that their dramatic transformations will help you get inspired to start your own weight-loss journey.

The Reason That Motivates Weight Loss

  • Like most youngsters, I had the same routine of going to see friends every evening, hanging out with them, and eating outside. But I had no idea how my unhealthy lifestyle was affecting my body. I gained weight as a result of my inactive lifestyle.

  • After a while, a couple of my friends began cracking some not-so-serious fat jokes on me. At first, I ignored it and ignored it, but over time, the jokes began to affect me, and my mental health.

  • I've realized that my weight is stopping me from being my best self, and I've become a little self-conscious. So I decided to lose weight in order to redeem my health and confidence.

What Is The Most Difficult Part About Being Unhealthy?

  • "The self-loathing had just built up—and realizing how much I'd let myself go physically was depressing." People calling me fatso and making food jokes were extremely hurtful. Apart from the body shaming, I was unhappy with my appearance and wanted to lose fat and gain muscle.

  • I discovered a weight loss app called WFH WELLNESS, FITNESS HEALTH that specialized in dramatic body transformations through some Google research. I was skeptical at first, but I eventually signed up for the program because of the low cost and the promising features.

Starting Phase And Procedure Of Transformation Journey

  • The app includes features such as a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator and a TDEE calculator. As a result, I learned that your body weight is determined by the amount of energy obtained from food versus the amount of energy used by your body.

  • The app estimates how many calories you burn per day while accounting for your physical activity throughout the day. It also calculates how many calories you should have consumed in order to get to work and lose that extra fat in order to reach your goal.

  • It recommends your calorie intake based on all of those calculations, which will help you determine what and how much food and in what portion you have to eat.

Diet followed

  • The entire diet chart is already set up in the app based on your goals; all you have to do is follow. WFH Dietician provided me with a complete meal plan that included macronutrients as well as micronutrients. I followed the diet for more than 50 days.

  • For breakfast, I mostly stick to a homemade vegetarian diet given by WFH (OMG Gym). Had low sugar tea, in lunch to take my protein intake of the day from paneer or soyabeans with some leafy veggies and multigrain roti, and in dinner mostly finished up with light soups. I used to eat fruits as snacks.

  • I am a very picky eater when it comes to food, but the WELLNESS FITNESS HEALTH app coach and team make it with proper nutritionist guidance. The WFH Dietitian's nutrient-rich, delicious meal plans helped in achieving the best results.

Macros and quantified diet

  • The best part about WFH is that you will receive ingredients measuring spoons as a free gift after registering with WFH.

  • All you have to do is measure the listed foods according to the instructions and spoon numbers provided, and you'll be eating properly calculated calories in no time.

  • As a result, you'll know exactly how many calories you're consuming throughout the day, and you'll be able to reach your goal faster.

Workout Followed

  • It is fairly obvious that in order to lose weight, you must increase your physical activity and mobility. There was also no escape from workouts.

  • I did work out for nearly 2 months and WFH planned all the workouts and details assigned to me, along with extra education information about how a specific exercise works on which part of the body, making you enjoy those workouts.

  • In the workouts, I mostly did Zumba and cardio. In comparison to other traditional cardio exercises such as running and skipping, my favorite was Zumba. My goal was not to only lose weight but also to tone up the body. So my all workouts were a combination of cardio and weight training.

What Difficulties You Were Facing While Journeying And How You Did Overcome Them?

  • I was a newbie in the fitness world, never done a pushup in my life. So, when I first started working out, my biggest challenge was body pain, but as I became more consistent, my pain became my fitness result.

How Did You Stay Motivated During The Journey?

  • The journey I took was not easy; an impossible task was accomplished in such an efficient manner. I'd like to express my gratitude to the team of WFH coaches and trainers who kept me motivated and explained everything to me.

  • Their support system helped me as a friend and supported me in weak times and never let me give up.

What Are The Lifestyle Changes You Made?

  • I made significant lifestyle changes, such as shifting my diet away from unhealthy junk food and toward healthy, wholesome foods. I started working out almost every day.

What Did You Give Up For Your Transformation Success?

  • I gave up those reckless wandering days in order to not only make my body physically more active and healthy but also to strengthen it mentally. I stopped eating street food and started more homecooked foods that are good for not only my taste buds but also my body.

Lessons Learnt From The Transformation

  • I've realised that if you put in enough effort, almost anything is possible. Any goal can be accomplished if you decide to achieve it. I'm much more confident and healthy now. I am thankful to WFH - WELLNESS | FITNESS | HEALTH for making my fitness journey successful. And making me feel more confident in myself.




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