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Losing 25 Kgs - From 103 Kg To 79 Kg In 2 Months Is Really A Big Deal

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Mushaib Khan Pathan

Mushaib khan Pathan, a young boy of Vadodara, struggled with 103 kg weight, despite repeated attempts to lose weight. It wasn't until he joined the WFH program and changed his whole diet and workout routine, that he lost more than 25 kg in spare of just two months. Here's how he executed the changes and brought for the transformation.

The Reason That Motivates To Live A Healthier Life

  • After reaching the bar of almost 100kg my self-esteem, my health, everything was dropped like a stone, and I started experiencing heavy pain in my knee due to extra weight. It eventually devolved into a "me against me" battle.

  • That served as a powerful motivator for me to shed the weight. I was very scared to start this journey but, fortunately, with the assistance of WFH, seemed easy and effective. WFH had everything under one roof, from personal trainers to dieticians and nutritionists. Subscription fees for the program were also very reasonable.

What Is The Most Difficult Part About Being Unhealthy?

  • 103 kg is no laughing matter. Excess weight causes extreme fatigue and a lack of stamina. That is not typical for a 22-year-old man like me. I couldn't be energetic or carry out any of my responsibilities. Going to the gym was nearly impossible during the pandemic. So I made the decision to begin my WFH fitness journey from the comfort of my own home.

Starting Phase And Procedure Of Transformation Journey

  • WFH app helped me in beginning my fitness journey by measuring my BMI and TDEE. With a thorough understanding of how my body systems and the type of body I have. The WFH team made a plan to achieve the tragic goal.

  • It appeared difficult to me, but the WFH team walked me through the entire process and assisted me with the calculations. Based on that information, they created a diet and exercise routine tailored to my specific goals. To achieve a healthier, more muscular body.

Diet Followed

  • This was the most significant change I must have made in my fitness journey. I've completely changed my unhealthy diet to a more balanced and healthy one. To avoid extra oil, I mostly used boiled and stirred fried food.

  • I mostly ate boiled vegetables and boiled chicken that had been spiced with Indian masalas. And don't worry, it may sound boring, but it was actually quite tasty and nutritious. The WFH team has provided me with a wide range of nutritious and delicious recipes.

Workout Followed To Achieve The Goal

  • For flexibility and stamina, I did a variety of cardio exercises. Aside from that, I do some basic mat exercises to tone and strengthen my arms, shoulders, and thighs, such as jumping jacks, squats, planks, and high knees.

  • Working out with WFH live video provides a variety of simple and enjoyable workout options. All of the workouts are clearly explained, and the trainers help and motivate you to complete them in a fun and efficient manner.

What Difficulties Were You Facing During The Transformation Journey?

  • Initially, I had sore arms and legs that made it difficult for me to complete my workouts. WFH's 24*7 support systems assisted me in planning my workouts based on my body's capabilities, resting when needed, and staying motivated to do my best the next day.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

  • Nothing can motivate you when you're on a fitness journey; only you can motivate yourself from within. The initial phase was extremely difficult for me, but I continued unabated, I keep working out, followed my diet religiously and kept checking my weight, and even a slight drop in the scale used to motivate me.

What Lifestyle Changes Did You Make?

  • In the last two months, I've made a lot of changes that have gotten me to where I am now. Sugary foods, as well as deep-fried foods, pav, bakery items, were totally eliminated from my diet. I started eating low fat or boiled food.

  • I also eat on time, never skip a workout, have become an early riser, and drink plenty of water. Throughout my journey, I discovered that rather than focusing solely on goals, a person should make a lifestyle change. Even after losing weight, one should maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be healthy and fit!!

Lessons Learnt From The Transformation

  • From 103 kilos to 79 kilos was a hard road, but I'm glad I gave it a try and began my journey. I've learned a lot along the way, including the importance of having a strong mind to help you achieve your goals.

  • Get out of your comfort zone and put your body through its paces, and everything will become possible. You will not be disappointed. My self-esteem and morale have also improved. And I'm feeling happier on the inside. And all of this is because of WFH and its team, for which I am extremely grateful.




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