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'Let's Lean' with Chef Dolcee's Nutritious Desserts - Surtis Can Now Stay Healthy Without Giving Up

“I love people who serve sweets rather than the ones who only talk sweet. ”Sorry if that sounds a little too selfish! But don’t we all love desserts and chocolates? Due to their high calories, most of us avoid eating dessert or can’t binge on them no matter how badly we want to. Imagine if you can get these cupcakes and brownies in a healthy version? What if you can eat them without feeling worried about the calories? Chef Dolcee Bachkaniwala has brought a variety of desserts, cookies and Nutri bars with her new venture ‘Let’s Lean’.

Chef Dolcee Bachkaniwala is an engineer by education and a full-time Chef by passion and profession. She has been one of the most popular chefs in Surat for desserts and cakes. Being the one who made it to Master Chef India season 2, today, she is a full-time Chef conducting workshops for cooking & baking skills at her Studio which is now known as Chef Dolcee Cooking Studio. We got to visit and try her products at Raina- the Flea in Surat.

  • With this new venture, she has not only created new ways to serve a variety of flavors but also flawlessly designed tasteful energy bars for fitness freaks. She has evolved her cooking and baking with time which is evident from the variety she served.

From Macarons to Entremets

  • The tasting session started with the delicious looking Entremets: French layered desserts. I can’t forget the taste of Gianduja. The chocolaty and nutty tart with a center of smooth coffee-flavored liquid chocolate. This heavenly dessert strongly gave flavors of coffee, ginger, caramel and chocolate praline mousse. I never thought I would get to try this in Surat.

  • Chef Dolcee has brought Entremets & Verrines which are the type of French desserts that are not easily available in Surat. Her menu includes Macarons, Loaf cakes in unique flavor's like Masala chai, Baklava, Guava chilly and many more.

  • I never imagined trying masala chai loaf cakes and ending up liking it! Pretty much tasted like our favorite Tapri ki Chai. I also got to savour a white-chocolate green tea cheesecake, which had all its flavors hitting the correct taste buds at correct intervals of time.


  • Surtis can now stay healthy without giving up on desserts and relishing protein bars with ‘Let’s Lean’. Chef has aptly made Gluten-free cookies and Vegan chocolate cake, Oat tarts, Protein brownies. These won’t make you feel like you are on a diet.

  • Also, her Granola Bars and Protein Bars will make your children forget chocolate bars, a perfect substitute! Do not miss out on visiting Chef Dolcee’s Cooking Studio to explore more delicacies.

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