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Kappa Chakka Kandhari (KCK) - The Best Of Kerala's Incredible Cuisine

Although visually appealing food has its craze, there is no doubt that down to earth, tasty & “made with love” food hits the spot each & every time! We often taste radically different food but it is rare that a certain taste sticks to our palate. Sometimes we want to take a dip in the clouds again! This reference can be understood if you read deeper into the post.

If you want to check out their demand, just drive past the restaurant & you’ll find a queue of at least 20-30 people at all times, guaranteed! Now that shows that they’re doing something right!

Also, If you want to have a table booked, it is difficult to get one of those coveted Kappa Chakka Kandhari table bookings, since they only take a few bookings.

They don’t care if your plate is Instagram-able. They just focus on flavor, homework & ingredients to make you come back for more. It works even more because of the value for money they provide so you don’t feel a pinch in your pocket.

Coming down to the short summary of what we tried from the Kappa chakka kandhari Bangalore menu & the dishes we absolutely recommend.

Koonthal Roast

A simple yet marvellous squid rings preparation. The rings were cooked to perfection. They were soft but had a bite to them. It was mildly spicy & paved the way for spicier food!

Prawn Kizhi

Ever wondered what a banana leaf dumpling looks like? Well, this is it! The prawns mixed with the coconut masala are steamed & taste delicious because the prawns retain all the flavor. The only downside is that the prawns get overcooked due to the process.

Seer Masala Fry

Seer by its nature is a fibrous fish but in this case, it was cooked so beautifully that you can only focus on the positives. The taste was remarkable & nothing like we’ve tasted before. The tartness of the gooseberries & the spiciness of the chilli, balance out brilliantly.

Irachi/Vazhapoo Cutlet

Both the beef & banana blossom cutlets were delicious! The highlight though was the beetroot chutney served with it. It was creamy, mildly sweet & packed with flavour. The beef cutlet is mostly filled with beef and fried after coating with an egg wash. Although it is very fulfilling, it has a tendency to increase your thirst.

Pineapple Nendram Masala

We hope the Chef gets his commission because we really relished this relish type dish. It is more of an acquired taste. To be honest, we’re missing the tangy sweetness.

Shappu Meen Curry

They give a giant piece of fish in a thick red kokum & chilli based curry. The curry gave us the chills. It tastes really good with white rice. This is served with steamed tapioca & kandhari chutneys. The contrast of flavour is spectacular.

That’s about it for the mains! For the drinks, we definitely recommend their Goli sodas as they are perfect thirst quenchers. For the bread, the Idiappam & the Puttu will be perfect. Try Pathiri. You must haven’t tasted anything thinner than this. It is coated with coconut milk & then had as a slice of normal bread.

Lastly, the dessert section where the cloud reference comes in! Firstly, kudos to Kappa Chakka Kandhari for the concept of the Kandhari ice cream. That creamy, cold, sweet & spicy ice cream hit all the spots. You will love it! Finally, the cloud pudding.

We recommend each living being to try this. We can probably survive on just this for a month. This tender coconut pudding is so perfect that we don’t want to upset ourselves by talking about it. If you don’t agree with anything we said, just visit this - you won’t regret it!

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