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JJ’s Cafe - A Place To Have A Cup Of Coffee Or Delicious Meal In Calm Setting With Unpretentious Vib

Marble Arch Complex in the middle of Alkapuri is known to most as being a regular commercial complex. Some offices and a big outlet of Shades is what most people associate it with. But very few people know that Marble Arch is home to one of the coolest, most hip cafes in Baroda, that has been here for almost 25 years.

Old Is Gold

JJ’s Cafe is run by Jayesh Jani, who started it sometime in the mid-1990s. It is a quaint tiny establishment that has been done up minimally. There are 2 tables set up in the gallery of the complex and there is a line-up of high bar-stools in the interior area.

It’s not the kind of place you go to for a family meal, but it’s the kind of place you visit for good coffee, good food and great conversations. The owner himself is present at all times and he makes all the food himself.

Over the years, the place has earned itself a lot of loyalists who keep coming back for coffee and conversations. A lot of people even come alone, get themselves a coffee and end up talking with Mr Jani.

This place is frequented by a lot of students and creative professionals because it provides a very calm, welcoming vibe as opposed to a lot of cafes in Baroda. The food here is made by just 1 person, so it will take its time. It’s not the place you visit for a quick meal or takeaway, rather it is the place you go to for a hearty lunch with your best friends.

The menu consists of a great variety of coffees. From the almond biscotti cappuccino to the Triple C coffee and the Espresso Pan Conna, there’s something for all kinds of coffee lovers.

The food menu is just as varied, with everything from Asian to Italian to Indian dishes, all with a twist. The platters are delicious, while the egg dishes are to die for. The portion sizes are great and the food is completely value for money.

Worth A Visit?

There are very few places in Baroda where you can enjoy a cup of authentic, good coffee with a delicious meal, a calm setting and an unpretentious vibe. JJ’s is one such place. Explore this hidden gem without burning a hole in your pocket. An elaborate meal for 2 with beverages will come up to INR 500. That’s true value for money.

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