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Jay Raj a young businessman explores his muscular makeover

A photograph was the much-needed reality check 23-year-old Jay needed to get back in shape. He realized that he couldn't even perform some of the exercises he once could so easily do.

Thus started his weight loss journey which made him achieve a chiselled physique! In just four months he had lost an enormous 10 kilos, improved his eating habits and was more energetic now than ever before after joining WFH. Keep reading to know more about his weight loss journey.

The reason that Motivates weight loss

The motivation or weight loss for me was when a friend pointed out an old photograph of mine in which I looked significantly fitter than I do now, and my recent and earlier photos were barely recognizable. It felt like self-introspection, and it urged me to change my lifestyle. Just after that, he told me about a WFH app, and because it had so many features, such as a dietician and a personal coach, at an affordable price, I signed up for their programme.

What is the most difficult part about being overweight?

The sense of being left behind. It is possible to be overweight and fit at the same time. Being overweight and unhealthy, on the other hand, is a dangerous mix that affects both physically and mentally.

Starting Phase and procedure of transformation journey

Initially, I calculated my Body Mass Index in the app; BMI calculates required body mass based on height, weight, and age. The WFH app then calculates your TDEE, in which you provide an estimate of how many calories you burn per day while taking into account your physical activity throughout the day. Based on all of those calculations, it recommends your calorie intake, which will assist you in determining what and how much food you should eat and how.

Diet followed

As I am a vegetarian, WFH nutrition strictly took care of that and set my meal plan accordingly. Poha or besan chilla was my breakfast. Rice, pulses/dal (kidney beans, white chickpeas, moong dal), and curd for lunch. And for dinner, there's roti, paneer, veggies, and curd. The WFH team was so helpful. It was shahi paneer and dal makhani but kept the calorie intake in mind. WFH had many low-calorie recipes that I swear by. For snacks, dry fruits and seasonal fruits were great for satisfying the sweet cravings without feeling guilty about overdoing the calories.

The calorie counts were strictly followed in all of the meal plans. WFH made measuring my food at home and on the go so simple. You will receive ingredients measuring spoons as a gift after registering with WFH. All you have to do is measure the listed foods according to the instructions and spoon numbers provided, and you'll be eating properly calculated calories without any hassle.

Workout followed to achieve the goal

I did continue exercising regularly, dividing my workout sessions into different focus regimes. From Monday to Thursday, I work out all of my body parts while also doing Zumba and running. I did CrossFit and compound exercises on Fridays and Saturdays. I just blindly followed the WFH workout routines because they were well balanced and the live video feature allowed me to do my exercises better and with proper posture.

What difficulties were you facing during the transformation journey?

When initially I had started to work out, I couldn't even perform half of the exercises which I could once do very well. It made me come face to face with the reality of the shape I was in. But then when I discussed some of this issue with the WFH team they suggested to me the sets of workouts that were not the only targets to just my rapid body transformation. But it also addresses issues of mobility, poor posture and helped me to build an overall healthier body and lifestyle.

How do you stay motivated?

The fact that I will risk losing all of the progress I have made so far makes me extremely concerned. I don't want all of my efforts to be for nought after I've come this far. I'm now motivated to do even better and reach the next level of fitness. The WFH team and community were also very helpful, as all of us fitness enthusiasts shared regular fitness-related videos, transformation pictures, and analyzed overall progress, improvements, and areas to work on.

What lifestyle changes did you make?

Firstly, I started following the not to skip breakfast rule. Eat a clean and healthy diet regularly. Try to get 8 hours of sleep. Avoid sugar. Walk and take stairs whenever possible. Also, make exercise a priority routine in your life and become consistent.

What Did You Give Up for Your Transformation Success?

I loved to eat pizza, but I gave up on it for my muscular makeover. I controlled my food cravings. I learned during my transformation journey, to eat to live, not live to eat.

Lessons learnt from the transformation

It’s very easy to go out of shape but extremely hard to get back. A fitness routine should be a part of our daily lives like our daily meals. And just with a little dedication and support, you can start your healthy and happy lifestyle. I would like to thank the WFH team for supporting me during those weak times.




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