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The Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

When the pandemic struck the world, learning to code at home became a way for kids to transform their imaginations into reality. Kids can now conveniently master the basics of programming, scripting, software creation, web development, and even Python by enrolling in different online programs.

There are many valuable qualities that children can acquire to help them succeed in adulthood, but few are as versatile and enjoyable as the ability to code. Many free coding websites claim that their tutorials efficiently teach coding, but they're mostly geared toward people looking to change professions and aren't suitable for children.

The demand for studying coding and programming is expected to grow in the future, and it will take zeal on the part of children to succeed in this area. We've compiled a list of the top 5 platforms for teaching one of the most important skills to help kids and adults master the new programming language.

Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

  • When considering the future, it seems that the world is becoming more digital every day, and technology plays a significant role in everyday life. As a result, computer-related occupations are four times more in demand than other occupations.

  • That is why it is important to help your children develop skills that are pertinent to potential job opportunities and necessary for their future success.

  • Learning to code benefits children not only in terms of potential career prospects, but also in terms of developing other skills that are necessary in various areas of life, such as innovation, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and so on.

Top 5 online Coding classes for Kids in India

  • Next Education is a complete K-12 solution provider with 400 hours of video tutorials, 2D and 3D animation to make learning experiential and enjoyable. It has topic-specific questions with answers, sample articles. In an All India Test Series query, and a comprehensive performance study. If anyone has a question, the online question-and-answer forum will help to get a response within 24 hours.

  • Next Education India Pvt Ltd, a smart learning solutions provider, has released KODA, a coding game that will teach kids how to code and create their own games. KODA allows kids to learn how to code and also helps them learn about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology created Koda, a block-based programming system (MIT). Next Education offers the next book, guide, lab (robotics, English, Hindi, math, science), and pre-designed curriculum to help teachers and students prepare better academically.

  • When it comes to online classes, Coursera is usually the first choice that comes to mind for students. Coursera provides aspirants with cutting-edge curriculum and faculty support through a variety of popular and niche courses.

  • If anyone decides to take a Coding course from Coursera, they will not be disappointed. There are over 250 courses dedicated solely to programming languages. Based on specific needs one can choose the course language, level, length, basic skills, and learning style.

  • Udemy is another reputable website where one can find over 800 courses aimed at teaching us how to code. All name it, and the website has some of the best free courses in this domain. Python, JavaScript, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Android Growth, Bootstrap, PHP, Swift, any name, and the website has it.

  • Not just that, but IT enthusiasts will actually educate their children's minds in the area of coding from a young age. There are also coding classes for children. Users can access the coding course for kids with just one click and the course is so easy and fun for kids and even for parents.

  • Khan Academy, another leading light in the field of digital learning, provides learners with free computer coding courses. Despite the small number of options, each module is designed to ensure that aspirants have access to the best programming tools. It will help kids to gain an understanding of computer coding.

  • Experts teach computer programming workshops, and there are also free exercises and sample sets to bring the skills to the test. Without hesitation, go to Khan Academy to take one of the best coding courses available online.

  • WhiteHat Jr is an ed-tech website that teaches students coding through one-on-one video courses with teachers. It was established in 2018. For children aged six to fourteen, WhiteHat Jr offers AI courses.

  • The software inspires children to learn computer programming by allowing them to develop games, animations, and applications. The app uses a live one-on-one online coaching format and a program that has been extensively researched.

  • The data structure, app and game creation, as well as artificial learning and space technologies, are among the topics covered. For students in grades 1 through 12, it offers four types of courses:

    1. Beginner

    2. Intermediate

    3. Advanced

    4. Technical

On their website, they currently have over 7,000 instructors.

Final Thoughts

  • Finally, the child will put what they've learned into practice by designing intriguingly. Game-based creations that they will love even after they've completed all of the online coding courses.




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