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Hottest Lipstick Trends for Summer 2021

Summer makes us brighter, whether it's our hair, our healthy skin, or our makeup. Vivid bursts of color seem to be the go-to in cosmetics every season, with the exact hues changing according to current trends.

Take, for example, the 15 most common summer makeup palettes. Hot desert reds and pinks, as well as various shades of marine blue, are top eyeshadow trends. That's fine and dandy, but what about the lip color and lipsticks?

Due to the thousands of different color's that line drugstore aisles and sit atop high-end shelves, the answer is a little more difficult to come by. Lipstick is, without a doubt, the most common makeup item among women.

While everyone has a go-to shade that they reach for on a daily basis, it's always fun to branch out. And what better time to experiment and try something new than during the summer?

Top 9 Hot summer Lip Color's to try

If one is looking for a color that goes well with that latest cute summer outfit, something to wear to the beach, or for a cocktail night out with girlfriends, this year's summer lipstick trends are super hot and flirty.

Coral summer

Is there something that screams summer like coral tones? Very likely not, which is why this may be the hottest thing this season.

Although coral looks amazing on tanned skin, it can also be worn by girls with a fairer complexion since it is a natural mix of pinks and oranges, making it a nice way to add a splash of bright color to a summer look.

Want a warmer effect, go for peachy coral tones, which will look great on sun-kissed skin, and want anything cooler, go for soft pinks.

Millennial pink

Pink is the color of the Millennials, and it's here to stay! What was once referred to as "baby pink"! has been the color of choice for millennials all around the world. Millennial pink is a subtle shade that looks like all the blue notes have been stripped out, leaving with a wet, cheeky color that matches well with just about everything.

Bold orange

If you just want to stand out this season, try a variety of orange lipsticks. Although this color can be challenging to wear, don't be afraid to try it out.

Put on a little black dress, make sure that the makeup is light and discreet, and apply tangerine lipstick for the 'boom' look for an exciting night out in town.

Aesthetic Eggplant

Eggplant is a purple lipstick shade that isn't quite burgundy and not quite blue, so it'll get swooning in no time.

Dark lipstick is best when worn with minimal eyeshadow allowing the lips to speak for themselves.

Golden Apricot

Like the thought of a neutral lip but want to add a pop of color to pout?

Can't go wrong with a golden apricot color. For a soft lip look that captures the light, this peachy hue is laced with shimmering gold.

Dusty Red

Make a swap and try a dusty mauve lipstick, like the thought of pale purple lipstick but aren't ready to say goodbye to nude.

The milky pinkish-purple shade is flattering on all skin tones and maybe the perfect neutral this season.

Popping Purple

Try applying a bright purple lipstick to your lips for a more dramatic pout.

For those who want to draw attention to their faces, bold purple lipstick is perfect.

Just make sure the rest of the look isn't too overwhelming!

Bubblegum Pink

Remember the millennial pink color we mentioned earlier?

If one likes the idea but wants to stick to the tried-and-true, consider coloring a summer pout in a classic bubblegum pink color.

For years, we've had this vivid pink color in our summer makeup bags, and we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Classic Magenta

Looking for the right hot pink lip color but haven't found it yet, one may like this next choice.

It's all those magenta lips here!

This vibrant hue is a mix of light pink and purple, creating a seriously bold yet summary lipstick color.

Bold Nude

Isn't it true that one is not a one-lipstick girl?

We absolutely get it! Fortunately, one of the season's hottest trends includes combining two very contrasting nude lipsticks for an exclusive statement pout.

Simply apply the lighter of the two tones to the top lip and the darker one to the bottom. Finish with a dash of lip gloss and ready to go!

Finally, one should never forget to look after the lips. Once one has taken care of the lovely smile, apply some makeup to complete the look. There you have it, lovely ladies.

For a fun and thrilling summer, try these hot trends; who knows, maybe the latest favorite lipstick color is just around the corner, waiting on a shelf somewhere.

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