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Good Old Maharashtrian Delights For Less Than INR 499 at Aaswad

Aamchi Mumbai is the financial capital of India, the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps. It is a corporate hub, a concrete jungle of sorts. From high rise towers to residential skyscrapers, it has it all. However, what often goes ignored in the eyes of visitors, is its Maharashtrian culture.

The Essence Of Maharashtrian Culture

  • While areas like Bandra, Andheri and Lower Parel boast the cosmopolitan Bombay that we know of, areas like Charni Road and Shivaji Park remind you of the laidback Marathi culture. Walking through Shivaji Park and looking at the small buildings, old homes around is an experience in itself.

  • When you are in Shivaji Park, your ‘Marathi culture’ experience is incomplete without a Maharashtrian meal and if you’re chasing authenticity, Aaswad is where your hunt for a good Maharashtrian culinary experience ends.

Food For Soul

  • Aaswad is a family restaurant with spacious seating and a homely vibe. When you walk into Aaswad, you know there are going to be no unnecessary embellishments, no pretentious décor, just delicious food. Go on an empty stomach to explore the menu to the best of your capacity.

  • The classic pithla bhakri cannot be skipped, the flavours are on point and the dish is a Marathi essential. Try the varan bhaat with kadhi and you will be surprised at how such a simple dish can be so supremely satisfying. Quench your thirst with refreshing kokum coolers or go for the sol kadi.

  • Aaswad has a lot of variety when it comes to desserts. Opt for a Malpua or try the fusion Puran poli ice-cream! These are so good that they go straight to your heart. Aaswad is the kind of place you go to after a tiring day at work or a bad day in college. It's the place you visit when you miss the comfort of home-cooked food.

  • Bombay has so many people who are staying alone, away from their families; for them, Aaswad is like a slice of home away from home. It makes the outsiders feel like they belong, it's where they can always come for a no-frills, delicious meal, one that never disappoints.

  • An elaborate 3-course meal for 2 people at Aaswad here won’t cost you a penny over INR 500 and a meal like that in the heart of Bombay is very rare, so don’t miss out on this hidden gem! Head to Aaswad if you haven't already.

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