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A 21-year-old B-tech Student Who Lost More Than 35 Kg In Just 7 Months Reveals

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Thakkar Darshan

The Secret Of His Weight Loss Journey

  • When you're trying to lose weight, it's your own fatigue and inability to complete simple tasks that make life so difficult. When Dhrashan, a 21-year-old B-tech student, realized that his extra weight was causing him so many health problems and harming his self-esteem, he decided to make a permanent change in his lifestyle. Keep reading to know about his inspiring weight loss journey.

The Reason That Motivates Weight Loss

  • Everyone must have gained weight during the lock, and I am no exception. I never gave much thought to my health or body. But when I came out of my comfy clothes after lockdown, I noticed that none of my old clothes fit me properly. Then I went to buy new clothes and found that none of the available sizes fits me.

  • That is when I realized that enough is enough and I desperately needed to lose weight to get back in shape. And while searching for any known and reliable way to lose weight I found WFH App and read about how people are getting their desired results.

What Is The Most Difficult Part About Being Overweight?

  • Weight loss was always on my to-do list, but I never made time for it. I was demotivated every time I looked in the mirror and saw that I was overweight. I hate the feeling of buying clothes from plus size counters.

Starting Phase And Procedure Of Transformation Journey

  • The first thing I did was calculate my BMI and TDEE when I first started using the app. The BMI tells you how much extra body fat you get and what your ideal body weight should be based on your age and height.

  • On the other hand, TDEE is the total daily consumption of energy that tells you how many calories you need every day. And calculate how many calories you need to use to obtain calorie deficient meals.

Diet Followed

  • The WFH team had prepared all of my meal plans based on my goals. My morning routine begins with detox water or warm water with a few drops of lemon. The time was mostly around 7 a.m. Then, around 9 a.m., I'd eat Poha or sugar-free milk oats, or two slices of multigrain bread with peanut butter. & any seasonally available fruit.

  • I used to eat one bowl of salad, one glass of Buttermilk / one bowl of curd, two pieces of Chapati, and one bowl of dal for lunch around 12 p.m. It was nutritious food that kept me full for a long time. When I was hungry, I would snack on 4-5 almonds or mamra. Finally, for dinner, I used to eat any seasonal fruit dish/soup and salad/sprouts and salad.

Workout Followed to Achieve The Goal

  • The app has a support system that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it pre-plans all of your workout routines. I worked out for over an hour and a half and mostly did CrossFit, weight training, and cardio workouts.

  • A typical CrossFit workout would include 10 minutes of running or Zumba, squats, bench press, shoulder press, and stretching, which is essential for a proper cool down.

What Difficulties Were You Facing During The Transformation Journey?

  • I was very eager to see any changes at this early stage of the journey, but I didn't see any. Failing at that point was both emotionally draining and heartbreaking. The WFH team then helped me understand that losing weight is a journey, not a one-day event.

  • However, I gradually realized that following a consistent diet and workout routine for at least two weeks would yield visible results. This should be enough to keep you motivated to continue your fitness journey.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

  • My friends and family were my pillars of support and kept me motivated with their compliments and words of motivation. The WFH team was also my biggest motivator as they helped me throughout my weight loss journey.

What Lifestyle Changes Did You Make?

  • I gave up on my favorite foods like pizza and burgers, fried food, packed food and I curb my cravings and make it a point to stick to a disciplined clean diet.

  • Before I decided to lose weight, there was no routine in my life. Now I have scheduled a proper time to sleep, exercise and eat my meals.

Lessons Learnt From The Transformation

  • Simply putting, after losing more than 35 kilos of weight, I feel like the best version of myself, both physically and mentally. I've realized that once you set your mind to weight loss, nothing can stop you from reaching your full potential.




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