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Best Affordable Resistance Band in India

The lockdown has made us all slow down, take a breather, and give us a chance to evaluate where our lives are going. It has given us a chance to stay at home and spend time with our loved ones. It has given us the chance to learn new skills and to polish the existing skills.

But most of all, the lockdown has reminded us of the importance of health and fitness. In the face of the pandemic, one must be fit and healthy to survive happily.

Health and Fitness must be on top of everyone’s mind right now. This time has also taught us that we do not need to step out or go to a gym only to exercise. With home workouts becoming popular, it is time we stop making excuses and start working towards our fitness goals.

If you are serious about working on your fitness and improving your health, you must invest in some fitness equipment to get you started. Once you have the equipment to facilitate your exercise routine, you will feel more energized and motivated to be consistent.

What are Resistance Bands?

  • Resistance bands are a lightweight and portable type of training equipment in India. Latex is used to make resistance bands because it is flexible and does not break readily. The thicker the band, the more resistance it may give when tugged.

  • Even though resistance bands cannot replace weights, If you attempted the heaviest band available, you will find that it did not replicate the weight. However, if you are at the starting stage of your fitness journey and want to lose some weight these bands can actually help you.

  • Examine the pros of resistance band exercises! Also, have a look at the best Resistance band combo available in India. You will not be able to utilize the toughest/strongest band as a beginner. It was difficult to execute single-arm straight-down workouts with a black one, which is the strongest.

  • In India, resistance bands are typically tube bands with grips on both ends. There are also loop bands. There are also loop bands that are particularly thick and lengthy. Resistance loop bands come in a variety of colors and strengths.

  • The thicker a resistance band is, the more difficult it is to pull and the more expensive and durable it becomes.

Kobo Resistance Band

  • The Kobo 5 in 1 is the best resistance band set in India, as well as one piece of exercise equipment you should get if you want to burn calories, increase endurance, and improve long-term strength. If you want to start exercising at home, it is definitely one of the greatest alternatives on the market.

  • It comes with 5 Stackable Exercise Toning Tubes with 2 Handles, 5 Resistance Loop Bands labeled with different colors according to the level. 1 Carry Bag, 2 Ankle Straps, 1 Door Anchor, and 2 Workout Charts for Workout! All this at a very affordable price.

  • The grips on these resistance bands may be removed, allowing you to utilize them with different muscle groups at varying levels of difficulty. Our leg muscles, in particular, can withstand greater abuse than our arms.

  • This whole set is about 350 grams in weight and may be carried even when traveling. Workout regimens are provided, however, you should look for better routines on YouTube. And don't expect bands to take the place of free weights.

Kobo Resistance Band Details


  • Premium grade TPE rubber material enhanced safe door anchor, and ankle straps on the Kobo AC-87 5 color workout tube bands, door anchor, usage manual, 2 detachable foam handles, 2 adjustable foot ankle straps, and portable travel carry bag are all included.

Actual Tension

  • The 10 lb yellow tube provides 5 pounds of tension, the 20 lb green tube provides 10 lb of tension, the 30 lb red tube provides 15 pounds of stress, the 40 lb blue tube provides 20 pounds of tension, and the 50 lb black tube provides 25 pounds of tension.

  • The combined weight of the kobo heavy resistance band is 75 pounds. You can combine tubes and weights in any way you like.

Length of Bands

  • The overall length of the piece is 64 inches. The TPE tube measures 43 inches in length. For a more pleasant workout, attach the supplied soft-grip handles or ankle straps using a simple metal clip system on both sides of the tube.

Physical Workout Guide Booklet

  • These resistance tubes come with a handbook including a variety of workouts that may be performed with them. The resistance bands are ultra-lightweight and simple to carry and may be used anytime and anywhere.

  • They come with a travel pouch which makes this lightweight band easy to transport. Tubes are easily identified since each band is labeled with equal weight.

  • Resistance tubes are highly adaptable and may be used for p90x, insanity, cross-fit training, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, upper and lower body strengthening, and toning. Glutes, legs, hips, and knees may all be isolated and targeted. The color of the tubes may differ.

Final Verdict

  • This kobo resistance tube combo is worth every penny and will make your workout super easy yet super effective.

  • You can directly buy this from any website or just search resistance band kit on amazon, and you will find this combo.

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