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Arshad Patel gained 10 kg and looks dashing on a flashy bike with a muscular body

As you know, we love to bring you inspiring stories about how people lost weight and lost XYZ inches. Today, we've brought you the story of a man who gained muscle, weight, and, most importantly, gained so much confidence in himself. Arshad's journey will inspire you to build a muscular and toned body. He gained more than 10kg in just three months and transformed his body into one that was more muscular and toned.

Arshad had been looking for a fitness app that was both affordable and effective for quite some time. At the time, one of his cousins suggested he download the WFH - WELLNESS | FITNESS | HEALTH app.

Within a month of beginning the WHF programme, he had gained 5kg. And transformed his lean 61kg body into a more fit and muscularly toned 75kg body in just 3 months. Let us hear from him about how he achieved this goal and the difficulties he faced along the way. And how the WFH app supported him in developing a healthy habit-building lifestyle.

What Motivates You to Make Muscular Body

I was always striving to improve not only my physical appearance but also my stamina and general wellbeing. I wanted to be a little more confident in myself, as well as in the appearance and strength of my body. I've always wanted to join a gym, but I've never had the time because of my hectic schedule. And I got to learn about the WFH app, which provides all of the benefits of a gym, if not more, at very affordable prices.

I was relieved that I no longer had to find a specific time to go to the gym, which took up a significant amount of my time. In comparison to WFH, it was very simple; I could work out in my free time and had an amazing WFH team to support me via a 24*365-day support system.

What is the most difficult part about being unhealthy?

I've always wanted to be a better version of myself, and Hritik Roshan was my idol, and I've always wanted to get in shape like him. It's always bothered me that I want to do more for my body but am unable to do so due to my crazy schedule and work commitments. I wanted to improve my physical and mental health.

There were many times when I planned my home fitness journey but it always ended in failure. As a result, there was no proper guidance or clear plan, which was extremely frustrating.

Starting Phase and Procedure of Transformation Journey

Many people are aware that having a higher BMI can lead to health problems as to how low BMI impacts your health. Initially, I used the app to calculate my Body Mass Index (BMI). It is just a simple mathematical formula of calculating required body mass based on height, weight, and age. And discovered that it was significantly lower than it should have been for me.

The app then calculates your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), in which you provide an estimate of how many calories you burn per day while taking into account your physical activity throughout the day. And it calculates how many calories you should have consumed to get to work and gain those extra muscles in order to reach your goal. Based on all of those calculations, it recommends your calorie intake, which will assist you in determining what and how much food you should eat and how.

Diet Followed

WFH Dietician already included a list of comprehensive meal plans in the app, with a complete meal plan that contained everything from proteins to minerals. I used to start my day with some egg paratha and a protein shake. For lunch, I ate some vegetable curry with multigrain rotis and salad. And sometimes soups or meat rice was served to round off the meal.

1 gramme of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight is the daily requirement. Protein helps in the formation of new cells, so I use it to gain some weight and my muscles. I increased my protein intake by swapping the regular foods to more protein-rich food. I also opt for some known and authorised protein shakes.

Macros and Quantified Diet

When you're on a fitness journey, it's common to count calories and measure out food. It was simple to know how many grammes of protein or rice you needed to consume, but most of us struggled to calculate those figures. You will receive ingredients measuring spoons as a free gift after registering with WFH. It made measuring my food at home and on the go so much easier. All you have to do is measure the listed foods according to the instructions and spoon numbers provided, and you'll be eating properly calculated calories in no time.

Workout Followed

Workout routines were very simple to follow with WFH; they scheduled my daily workout goal and gave me a list of exercises to do. I did heavy weightlifting for four days and endurance training on the fifth.

Deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, floor press, and shoulder press were all part of my workout. I always made it a point to exercise at least five days per week. On the WFH app, there is also a live feature of an exercise video of all workouts scheduled for me, which helped me to do proper exercise in proper posture. The best part was that my WFH coach was always there to encourage me to complete my daily targeted set.

How Did You Stay Motivated During the Journey?

WFH educated me throughout the process, which sparked my curiosity. I started to enjoy my workouts and particularly enjoyed weight training. And believes that if you know what you're doing and why you're doing it, no one can stop you.

What Are the Lifestyle Changes You Made?

I made two major lifestyle changes, including shifting my diet away from junk foods and toward a higher protein diet. I started working out every day or at least 5 days a week.

What Did You Give Up for Your Transformation Success?

I used to be a huge foodie. I no longer eat junk food and try to avoid eating anything oily or unhealthy. One change I've made to my diet is that I've switched from unhealthy candies and chocolates to more seasonal and fresh fruits.

Lessons learnt from the transformation

I've realised that if you put in enough effort, almost anything is possible. Any goal can be achieved if you have someone who is always there to support and motivate you. I'm much more happy and healthy now. During this difficult moment, the app's 24*365 support system made a big difference. My experience has been fantastic and joyful. My eating habits have changed, my physical activity has increased, and I'm feeling more confident in myself.



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