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7 Best Free WhatsApp Marketing Software in 2021

Updated: May 30, 2021

WhatsApp, as the most popular messaging app, has amassed a sizable user base worldwide. For businesses who rely on the messenger programmer to communicate with consumers and clients on a regular basis, it is a highly reliable platform.

WhatsApp Marketing Software is a bulk message sharing service that helps you to deliver messages to millions of people at once. It makes it easy for everyone to communicate with the buyers. To advertise the product or service, one can upload photographs, documents, and other forms of multimedia.

The easiest way to sell the goods and services on Whatsapp is to combine WhatsApp marketing tools with effective marketing strategies.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is one of the most simple ways to deliver exclusive deals and achieve early brand exposure. Often, at a time when multiple social media platforms are being used for product and service promotions, it is critical to choose a platform that easily transfers key information.

More than half of WhatsApp users search the app every day, so WhatsApp marketing helps you to keep in contact with your clients. And better, text messages have a 98 percent open score, so the person can be confident they will get the deals and offer pamphlets.

WhatsApp is a great tool for providing customer support, answering questions, exchanging FAQs, monitoring order fulfilment, and using conversational chatbots. Getting the most out of the app will help to get excellent customer service.

Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software for Marketing in 2021

1. Whatso Bulk WhatsApp Sender

Whatso is one of the most popular free bulk WhatsApp sender apps, with over 25,000 users worldwide. It is one of the strongest marketing strategies for mid and small businesses to improve customer experience and boost revenue and sales.


  • Multiple Contact Storage

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Automatic Customization

  • 24×7 Support

  • Customizable Sender ID

  • Fraud detection

  • Multimedia Formats

Premium Plans: Whatso has a free trial edition that allows users to exchange up to five WhatsApp messages at once. The Premium Version costs ₹3,234 a year and lets users send and receive 10,000 messages a day. The Professional Version costs ₹5,214 per year and includes 50,000 regular messages and 100,000 contacts, whereas the Enterprise Version costs ₹9,834 per year and usually includes messaging and contact details import.

2. WhatSender

WhatSender is a free WhatsApp marketing tool that allows users to share mass messages These messages may be personal or business-related, as well as the most recent promotional deals. You may send messages from a computer or a laptop using WhatSender.

Multiple contacts may be imported from CSV, TXT, or simply copied and pasted. This bulk WhatsApp sender also helps users to send various variants of any message to different target groups without risking spamming.


  • Import contacts from CSV or TXT file or manually

  • Customized messages

  • Send messages to unsaved contacts

  • Multi-account

  • Schedule messages at specific times and gaps

  • Campaign tracking & reporting

  • Auto-variation

  • Help create multiple message variations to avoid spam

  • Attach images & videos to messages

  • User-friendly web portal

  • Number filter for all the contacts

Pricing Plans: WhatSender Free offers the ability to send unlimited trial messages as well as the ability to import individual contacts. For a year/system, WhatSender Professional costs ₹2400 - which includes unlimited messages and the ability to import multiple contacts.

3. WappBlaster

WappBlaster WhatsApp marketing software allows users to send an infinite number of messages to your future and current customers. To make the marketing messages more successful, users can include pictures and videos with captions.

In addition, there is no limit to the number of characters in the text. As a result, feel free to sell the ideas to customers. Additionally, this WhatsApp broadcast programs has an advanced anti-blocking algorithm for easy bulk messaging.


  • Higher transparency & control

  • Bulk SMS Services

  • Delay control feature

  • Spin text module

  • Multi-language support

  • Customizable Sender ID

  • In-built filter

  • Contact import & export

  • No credit limit on sending messages

  • 100% message delivery to all your contacts

  • You can create and upload a customer database

  • Number filter & group verifier

  • Speed control feature

  • Anti-block functionality

  • Auto group posting

Pricing: WappBlaster WhatsApp broadcast software costs ₹2400 per license per year.

4. Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner WhatsApp advertising campaign is a social media marketing tool as well as a bulk WhatsApp sender. It comes with a mobile app that makes sending large amounts of WhatsApp messages easy.

It has a simple interface that allows users to send unlimited WhatsApp messages to the target audience. Small businesses can use this tool to run successful WhatsApp and social media campaigns on a shoestring budget.


  • WhatsApp marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Bulk messages

  • User-friendly interface

  • Easy-to-use features

Pricing: Rapid Planner offers a monthly plan for one device for only ₹350. Android, Windows, and MacBook all have different prices.

5. Enjay World

Enjay Marketing is a free bulk WhatsApp software and app that provides a variety of services to help businesses make their ads more effective and successful. Its free bulk WhatsApp message sender helps companies in their ROI and contact.

With the support of a simple Google Sheet template that you can use as your free bulk WhatsApp sender tool, the bulk WhatsApp sender programs offers a simple 4-step method for using WhatsApp for marketing.


  • Google Sheet template

  • WhatsApp API Integration

  • Alerts

  • User activity monitoring

  • Analytical report

  • Intelligent IVR

  • Web click

  • Personalized marketing

  • Portable conversion tools

Pricing: Enjay's open-source WhatsApp marketing tool comes with a free Google Sheet where users can add as many contacts as they want and submit as many messages as they want.

6. WAAM-it Sender

Another bulk WhatsApp marketing software is WAAM-it Sender. WAAM-it has a free download option that allows users to send personalized WhatsApp messages to all of their contacts using a spreadsheet.

Multimedia artefacts such as emojis, images, videos, directories, and links are also supported. WAAM-it Sender works for all of WhatsApp's licensed languages, and users can send up to 3000 free messages every hour around the world.


  • Up to 3000 free messages

  • Bulk invitations for conferences, meetings and events

  • Contact Management

  • Scheduling

  • Multimedia Formats

  • Analyses and insights dashboard

  • Fully automated

  • Customizable sender ID

Pricing: WAAM-it Sender offers a free consultation, while WAAM-it Basic costs ₹26,202 and includes unlimited WhatsApp messages and scheduling. WAAM-it Pro costs ₹32,802 and includes unlimited messages, multiple file attachments, picture and video sending, as well as all of the features of WAAM-it Basic.

7. RapBooster

Is it difficult for the online company to run marketing campaigns and maintain customer relationships? RapBooster, for example, is one of the best open-source WhatsApp marketing applications available online. It offers a variety of WhatsApp marketing resources to help kickstart campaigns and improve performance at each point.

It allows users to send customized messages to the customers while also allowing them to add as many sender ID accounts as users want to expand their network. Users can send unlimited images, files, and photographs in addition to bulk messages.


  • Group message sending

  • Fetch contact details from the WhatsApp list

  • Manage your auto-reply rules

  • Instant chat replies

  • Instant delivery reports

  • Manage multi-channels & multi-accounts

  • Import/export data from .text & Excel files

  • Easy to download & use

  • Send multiple attachments in one go

  • Advanced sending configurations

Pricing: RapBooster offers two pricing options for its WhatsApp broadcasting software, RapBooster is priced at ₹999 per user per year, and RapBooster Pro is priced at ₹1499 per user per year.

Final Word

These WhatsApp marketing tools are extremely successful at converting potential customers at a low cost. These resources can also assist emerging companies in gaining early recognition. WhatsApp has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly.

Following the realization of WhatsApp's enormous potential, many businesses have already begun to use it. So take advantage of these top WhatsApp marketing resources and make the most of them for your business.

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